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I’d love to see a hard reboot of the X-franchise, under Marvel Studios supervision. It seems it’s about time.



At this point I’d prefer if fox did a sony-style deal with marvel and had someone (else, obviously) oversee a proper reboot… marvel has their slate quite full already =/

The problem is the people in charge of the X-Men movies… though they’ve shown signs of improvement, but the phoenix movie doesn’t inspire in the least…


So, I’ve mentioned before that, in my spare time, I’ve been editing together a chronological supercut of all the MCU movies (not just pasting them together sloppily but as crafted as I can make it). Having watched Thor Ragnarok the other day, even before these last few films leading up to the 4th Avengers Movie, it is a stunning body of work and accomplishment.

For all the talk of the Marvel movies being the same formula over and over, the full narrative, when put together, is all over the shop. Interlinked, the films become more like Game Of Thrones, constantly building towards a massive showdown against an incredibly deadly and powerful enemy, each player evolving and growing through circumstance, slowly becoming the heroes needed when the time comes.

It’s just mindblowing how much they’ve achieved in ten years.


I know you’re a huge Inhumans fan, and you lost that property to TV. Now, with that doing how it’s doing on television, do you look at that and go, well, maybe it’s best we didn’t do that one? Or do you still wish you had that property because you think you could have really knocked out of the park?

[Laughs] You’re breaking up, Mike. I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up…



I hope Erik Olseon comes from Arrow’s S1… otherwise I’ll be worried =/


Just caught the first 3 episodes of “The GIfted” and it’s MUCH better than I thought it would be. I’m fully on board.



I saw that headline and thought it read “Hugh Jackman hopes Wolverine will be racist”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Truly, the new Wolverine would defend the Great White North, I figure.


Episode 4 was good, too.

The show is nothing new or groundbreaking but it is well executed and entertaining.


I was worried it was starting to show signs of meh and then Polaris pulled the pins out of Vampire Bill’s knee. That was pretty awesome.



By the fourth episode, it actually gets a bit better. Seems like it was really hard to get a handle on this one. Iwan, even, is struggling.




Just watched #3, and it just gets better all the time.



That the movies will continue to ignore.

Just like every other MCU TV show.