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On a side note, I’m about to watch Thor. I live in a small town, I’ve never seen my local cinema so busy for a Tuesday afternoon first showing. Bodes well. Seeing more unique visions for Superhero movies do well is great!


Weren’t we just talking about whether or not X-23 would get her own movie?


It’s be more interesting than recasting Wolverine that’s for sure.


Didn’t you hear? Scott Eastwood is perfect for the role.


He definitely has the charisma of Clint Eastman, thats for sure.


At least it’s not Clint Manwood, that guy’s got all the charisma of a piece of lumber.


Are you thinking of Scott Westwood? From L.A.?


No one can play a hero like Adam Westworld. From Gotham.


They could work on a script and find there’s not much there. It feels like Fox are realizing there’s not much blood left in the X brand, but they’re desperately trying to get every last drop.


Awesome. We’ll probably get eXiles soon.


Yes but GAMBIT soon.



You’re just Grumpy McGrumpy face because I’ve seen naked Hulk Gruffalo and you haven’t yet.

Ragnarok is just a precursor for how awesome Gambit will be.


Umm…not sure that’s a film I’m planning on seeing. Are you sure you went to the right kind of theater? :wink:


I don’t know, it seems like they’re taking a page from Marvel’s playbook and diversifying their output. They’ve got the regular big budget action movies with the X-men, R rated comedy with Deadpool, big budget action/comedy with X-force, superhero horror with New Mutants, heist movie with Gambit. Seems like there’s a fair amount of blood left in the brand.


I think Fox’s X-related output has been far more hit than miss in recent years. Deadpool, Days of Future Past, Legion, The Gifted, and Logan have all worked for me. New Mutants looks like an interesting take on the property, and I’d be very interested in an X-23 movie. So yeah, I think they’re finding a nice, diverse groove after struggling for a while after X2.


I was wearing brogues instead of Oxfords but I was, nevertheless, dressed appropriately for the occasion despite the lack of an umbrella for adequate protection (don’t ask Rihanna - ask Parker, or Mary Poppins Yondu for that reference).


Diversifying the brand and getting blood are two different things. By all means create 5 new TV shows and 3 new film franchises, but if none of them get much of a viewing audience then it just shows that there’s not much blood left. X Men I believe have peaked. Logan showed a moment of brightness but then they killed the lead at the end of the movie. And Deadpool is his own thing, I doubt the average Joe thinks of him as part of the X Men. Deadpool honestly is a testament to measure just how much Fox missed with their potential X universe revenue potential.


You have no way of knowing what kind of viewing audience movies that haven’t come out yet are going to have, so you’re basing this on what? Just Age of Apocalypse (Which didn’t do great here but still made a profit)? Certainly the tv shows have been doing well. legion was renewed and Gifted was the best premiere for FOX this season.

Man, the average Joe sure must have been confused about what Colossus was doing in the movie and how Deadpool was constantly talking about the X-men then.

It sounds like you have a preconceived notion that you’re stretching to confirm since nothing you wrote is based on anything concrete.


I’d base the TV show results on the simple observation that the shows aren’t really being discussed beyond comic fans. They’re like most other comic TV shows, maybe less popular than Gotham, Arrow, Flash and Supergirl. They’re ok TV, but not getting anyone really mainstream interested.

As for the movies, the X Men have always underperformed, but in this comics golden age they’re just not seeing a good return. They can barely break 600 million in an age where 800 million is standard. Marvels most popular character (Wolverine)should be a Batman or Spider-Man type franchise but instead he’s a small return character. Except for Deadpool the X franchise is a whole bunch of meh results. Not FF bad, but not that far off. They’re run through all the best characters, all the best storylines, all the best actors and now there’s not much left to use.

So yeah, on a purely numeric basis the well looks shallow and on a franchise building basis they killed all they best characters and have a cast in place that people couldn’t identify if they wore “I’m an Xman” t-shirts.