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Late to the party but that BP trailer was good.

Also quite clever in the doors it opens. So Wakanda has future tech, sufficiently so to cloak it all from the world. Therefore, the Guardians could probably land a spacecraft there, team up with BP and Cap, without the rest of the world knowing. (The rest of the world sees Thanos’ fleet turn up and collectively craps itself.)


The flashback at the beginning of this past week’s The Gifted was probably one of the most beautiful and touching scenes I have seen in a superhero movie or TV series.

While a lot of the story beats are predictable, the execution has been done quite well. It has a good cast with real chemistry.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes.


I agree, it was fantastic. Brilliant idea and really well written and realised. This could easily be a Heroes rip off but things like that only 3 episodes in show a lot of class.


I just hope that The Gifted can start building a little buzz and maintain a solid audience, because I really want to see it get chance to do it’s thing. It’s been a pleasant surprise thus far.


As I said upthread, the trailers and promotional materials for The Gifted were straight up garbage. They were weak and generic.

I tuned in despite the ads. If it weren’t an X-Men property, I would’ve passed on it.



Looks amazing

I know have the quandary of whether I wait on my wife to catch up on Daredevil before we watch this together or I just watch it myself


Yeah, I wouldn’t have watched it if it wasn’t for you pesky kids.
The trailer made it look mediocre.



“Reddit theory” tells you everything you need to know about the likelihood of that.


Shitty journalism?


Wow, so someone on the internet thinks a new Marvel movie trailer could debut right around the same time a new Marvel movie is set to be released? That’s a hell of a leap…:roll_eyes:


I think the T’Challa one was posted here already, but he’s done a few more;



My IRL black friends in the geek community are pretty excited for the cosplay opportunities that the Black Panther movie is going to generate. Obviously anyone can dress as anyone, but this film will greatly expand the options of costumes specifically intended for black people.

The costumes Marvel Studios have shared with us so far have been incredible and I suspect we’re going to be seeing some cool photos from cons in the next couple of years.

I bet we’re going to be seeing a lot of Helas too.


During this month’s NY Comicon, one of the best costumes I spotted along West 34th Street was an African American Thor, with flowing blond hair. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo quickly enough.


This is from Wizard World Chicago 2006. Not a great picture but it sounds like it fits your description.


Anyone…? :grinning:

*quickly blows flames out on Nazi costume


If it was the Red Skull you could get away with it.


Hail Hydra.