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Maybe everybody is using him…


Fox should make Stan Lee a skrull to imply he’s the same one from the MCU.


I have a little bit of faith in Fox now to get things right, but MCU Skrull will probably be much better. It might be a bad idea for Fox though, the X universe is convoluted enough at this stage without adding the chance that characters could have been Skrull all along.


Magneto was a skull this whole time


Maybe that’s what happened to everyone pre-Logan/The Gifted. They were all Skrull except Prof X. And Wolverine. :rofl:

Edit: And Deadpool obv.


I have no idea why I had it in my head that Thor was out next month, not this month, so this is a pretty idiotic post. In any case, they are indeed timing it specifically, but not around Thor, to go up against Justice League.

Polygon: Netflix’s Punisher series will go head-to-head with Justice League in November.


Outside of the main X-Men movies (which are hit and miss), Fox seems to be doing pretty well creatively on the movie and TV fronts with the X-properties.


Agreed, plus their Fantastic Four movies have been ace!


It’s November in the US but October elsewhere, which might be where some of the confusion stems from.


I would guess that is on purpose. Iron Fist landed on Netflix on March 17th. Batman V Superman was released a couple of days later on March 19th.


Although those dates were a year apart, so BvS was actually 363 days earlier. :wink:

Daredevil season 2 was 18 March 2016.


Looks like release dates are just as confusing as the Fox X-Men timeline.


Sorry. I knew it was one of the Netflix shows. :disappointed_relieved:


I was only teasing. To be honest at the rate that Netflix release these shows you can pretty much guarantee that there will be a new one out most weekends. :slight_smile:


That’s got me quite keen to see it, now!


Don’t worry, they rebooted the timeline.


Was Iron Fist any good in the new timeline?

No? Never mind.


Really love the way they lay with One again in the new trailer especially ghosting it in the back of most of the trailer and the lead up to the bridge at the end.


That sounds like a good decision. The end of the movie opens up a lot of possibilities to move forward with the characters, and a TV series could be a lot of fun.


Bit of an uneven trailer, for me. But I still like the general atmosphere they’re aiming for; hopefully, this will finally be a good Netlfix Marvel series again.