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Don’t we say that after every crossover event in the comics? How does that work out for us?

I know it’s a different set of creative people making the decisions, but I think they all come from the same school…


Well, they could and they could not. I could imagine the pros and cons, from their point of view, of building immediately towards the next crossover, as well as the converse. It could be nice for them to deal without the headache of linking things for just a couple of years, and establishing more separate properties. If Ragnarok does well, I could also see them doing more character crossovers, also. Who knows? We’ll find out in two years, I suppose.


#ryanreynoldsismybitch” is my favorite part


The really cool thing here is that he’s got the Legion of Super-Heroes mission monitor board symbols engraved on it.

A previous King of Wakanda must have been big Legion fan (which makes him ok in my book).


If you were from Africa and you’d never been to America but had met Iron Man, would you assume all of the United States was built of that technology?


I suppose it would depend on whether I was a highly educated employee of the State Department or not?


Isn’t he faking in front of Klaw? T’Challa and Okoye are watching them through the mirror in that scene.



Hahaha. That’s the kind of headline grabbing quote I would expect out of his son, Max. :wink:


Unlike his son his explanation isn’t obnoxious hyperbola. Though some of the comments are amazing. My favorite was the one that said something like “John Landis shouldn’t shit on things other people produce when he produced Max Landis.”


We’ll see, but my bet, right now, is no, he isn;t.


John Landis is 66 years old. The world has moved on, these movies aren’t for him. It’d be amazing if they were built to entertain old age pensioners, but they’re built for teens and young adults. This is like saying you’re bored shitless with Tom and Jerry cartoons or the WWE.



Looks a ton better


I think it looked fine before as well, but hats off to Adi for streamlining it so effectively.



so what’s going to be the big takeaway from Marvel after SDCC this year?

Smart money is on an Avengers trailer/teaser/sizzle reel…
New Mutants cast announced? If it hasn’t already…
Ant Man and Wasp Teaser?


Am guessing that’s fan art, 'cause that’s one fugly poster.


I was thinking/hoping the same. It’s hideous. :smile:


The shot of Angela Bassett has video grain all over it, so probably trailer screengrabs.