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Continuing the discussion from Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange:

Still to come from Marvel this year:

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The Gifted looks fine.


I like the cast of The Gifted. And I like X-Men stuff. Trailer looked decent. So I’m in.


I think I might be most excited about Ragnarok at this point.


Me too. Ragranok is my most anticipated. Spidey looks good, but it also looks like something we’ve seen many times before. It feels like the third reboot of the Spidey franchise, and the 6th movie. It’s hard to create something new with Spidey I guess, though this one feels perfectly done.

I’ve lost hope for the Netflix shows. Cloak and Dagger looked like it’s for 12 year old girls who for some reason want that Twilight romance stuff (personally I think audiences have long moved on). The Gifted feels like it would have been interesting 15 years ago, like when Heroes came out, but it feels so old compared to modern exciting TV.


That’s a bit unfair comparing it to actual TV.
In comparison to comic shows…it actually looks on the “good” end of the spectrum so far.
Nice character actors and the kids don’t look too annoying.

In terms of movies…I guess I’m looking forward to Spider-Man 3.1. And New Mutants.


I might be more excited about Ragnarok than even Justice League. That’s saying a lot.


I dunno. I think most fans are the same way. I’d bet most fans would have picked a random Marvel movie over Batman vs Superman. Even Dr Strange.


Yeah - pretty much everyone is more excited about Ragnarok than Justice League.


I know you guys like to rip on Doctor Strange - but it’s actually a pretty high performing film, even by Marvel standards - the only films that have made more are Iron Man, Guardians, Avengers and the two latest Captain America films (choc full of other characters) .

I’ll put it this way - the only “Debut character” films that have made more are Iron Man and Guardians.


Different playing field though. The only fair comparison is Ant Man.

And it’s still fun to rip Dr Strange.


Ant-Man delivered more visual flair, for one. Despite that not being the crux of the advertising, like Strange’s :wink:


Well, it made more than Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man and the Thor sequel so… no matter what your rubric is, that’s a pretty clear success. More than Logan, Batman Begins, Amazing Spider-man 2, X-men 2, Superman Returns, Man of Steel…

I mean, that’s quite a list of characters to transcend for not a very popular character…


You guys are all just shit human beings who I hate and suck and are stupid jerks.



I’m not everyone and I’m honestly not concerned about what they’re excited about. :wink:


I know - but the inference seems to be that it was some sort of surprise that Ragnarok looks like the more exciting film.

I’m not having a dig.


Ragnarok is an uphill battle for me.

I’m excited to see more Ezra Miller as the Flash. After years of the horrible CW show, need a palette cleanser.


I would take MoS to anything previous and GotG 1 & 2 are probably the only ones I would take next to BvS. I’ve liked all the Marvel films to this point. I’ve just preferred the DC ones (starting with MoS). Ragnarok may be the first to change that.



But… but… the DC movies are terrible!

(Okay, I’m just teasing now, but it’s fun to tease).


GOTG2 is probably one of the best “cape” movies I’ve seen.
I might like to talk about DC movies, it’s fun to dig into them, but GOTG2…really stuck with me.

Honestly, the bar that set makes Ragnarok look lacking.