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Hold up.

There’s a movie where Slattery is the main character? WHAT?


Is that the whole movie? One of those “more clip than actual short movie” type things? I don’t want to click it if it’s a trailer or anything.


As I said; it’s a short film. When Marvel did their “One Shots”.

They made 5 in total.


Fuck, I think I’ve missed all of these!

Big thanks for the tip, Steve! I’ll check these out… ehm… NOW! :smiley:


I thought Millar’s suggestion was that they not use Mandarin in the first film but build toward him in the third film. I think the build toward Avengers hijacked that.


Could be, but I’m referencing this Millar interview on CBR;

Faverau didn’t get us out there to just high-five the guy. He wanted us to be brutal and honest and I have to say I almost crossed the line when I talked 'em out of The Mandarin, who was in the original draft, and there was a terrible silence in the room for about ten seconds until Fav agreed and we all got talking about beefing up the Obadiah Stane/ Iron Monger thing (originally planned for the sequel).

That doesn’t mention the racist overtones of the character though. I believe I’ve read that as a reason, but since I can’t find it right now, take that with a pinch of salt.


Here’s a couple references to pushing him to the sequel. It’s #5 in the list on the first link.


I guess throwing the Mandarin character into the meat grinder and making it a ridiculous concept satisfied somebody. It sure was a whole lot easier than actually engaging modern China and what a Mandarin might be arising in that society, and how said Mandarin might even be able to function.

TEN rings. There were ten rings. I SEE TEN RINGS!


Math is different in the UK.


It was before Disney brought them, they could only afford seven rings back then.


And, of course, there is the original source: Nine rings for mortal men doomed to die

The tenth? Dude’s married. If he didn’t wear his ring, the wife would kill him.

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Double twist… Trevor Slatery WAS the Mandarin all along… he just got caught with his pants down and played along… :smile:


I also haven’t seen All Hail the King yet. Good to finally have the chance (last time I looked for it online, I didn’t find it).

The guy who made this short, Drew Pearce, also co-wrote Iron Man 3 and went on to make Hotel Artemis, by the way.

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I’m super curious if anyone is actually going to see Dark Phoenix.
Let’s have a little poll to see what the board thinks

  • Yes I will be going to the cinema to watch Dark Phoenix
  • I’ll wait for DVD/Cable/streaming
  • No thanks

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I don’t like being disappointed walking out of the cinema and too many past X-Men movies have proved I probably will be.

I realise this says more about me than the movies but it’s difficult to find the time to get to the cinema for me these days.


I probably will go and see it at the cinema. The kids tend to ask me to see any superhero ones after they’ve seen the trailer on TV.


I only tend to go if someone else wants to and don’t really bother once it hits DVD/streaming.


I’m amazed how super ambivalent I am about Dark Phoenix. I look at the trailer and I don’t see anything new or original.
It just gives me horrible flash backs to X-3.
Apocalypse was such a let down for me I doubt I’ll even try to chase it down once its streaming.