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It can be two things simultaneously


We’re surely only a handful of posts away from that Geoff Johns Avengers page.


This is a lot to take in right now…


It would be great if that was Thanos’ final line.




I would be stunned if Stan didn’t make a joke about Ant Man going up a bad guys ass within an afternoon of creating him.


Interesting POV I’m sure a lot of us have considered… buuuut, it kinda ignores all the massive issues with the movie, particularly all the lazy plot conveniences it has.

IMO, it could’ve been a top3 or even the very best MCU movie with some changes, and particularly, it might be weird to say, but if they’d left Spider-Man out of it. Anyways, interesting thoughts on the movie.

If by interesting you mean wrong.

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Yeah, a missed ‘fire in the hole’ opportunity.

A 17-minute video on how Civil War is the best superhero movie ever?

It wasn’t even the best superhero movie that year!

More BossLogic fanart:


So, I know Marvel will have a limit to how many films they release each year (probably 4 now that the Fox deal is done) and they’ve got franchises to continue and new ones to start. They’ve also got some reasonably big or rising stars tied up in supporting roles (Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Sebastian Stan, Tessa Thompson). Does anyone think they’ll finally pull the trigger on a Falcon, War Machine, or Valkyrie movie? On the one hand, I could see the benefit of not having to worry about origin stories with any of them. On the other hand, none of them have anything like definitive stories from the comics to draw from (though, Guardians didn’t really, either). It could also be argued that if they were going to do it in some of those cases they would have by now, but the same could be said of Black Widow and they’re finally getting around to that.


I’d watch a Tessa Thompson Valkyrie flick as long as it followed Ragnarok’s template of bonkers space adventures.

I’d also watch a Falcon/Bucky flick… though IIRC that might get a show (don’t remember if it was announced or just rumoured/floated)… Neither of them are strong enough characters to carry a movie on their own, as much as I like both of the actors. Mackie is REALLY good, but Falcon is kinda lame… :smile:

As for War Machine… nah… There’s no point really. Also, I don’t like Cheadle, I think he’s the most miscast of the whole MCU, pending Brie Larson of course (since I haven’t watched her movie)… He also has quite the punchable face… which works wonders in something like House of Lies, but not so much in the MCU.

So that’s a solid no on WM, unless they recast and they found an interesting angle on the character.

I’m hoping to see some new franchises with all-new characters (to the movies) from the MCU over the next few years. Hopefully the success of Black Panther and Captain Marvel will have given them the confidence to do that.

I think a Young Avengers movie (modelled on the Heinberg/Cheung book) would be a great way to breathe new life into the MCU, giving them the benefit of keeping the Avengers name but with an all-new team and also (with my cynical hat on) hitting some of the diversity beats that have lifted BP and CM.

Eternals could also be fun for a bit of cosmic craziness, and you could explore some of the street-level stuff a bit more with someone like Moon Knight (the Lemire run would be a pretty good place to look for inspiration for something visually exciting that makes that character far more than just a Batman knockoff).

I’m not sure that trying to bump up a supporting character to a headliner would work - it inevitably looks like a step down or spinoff, even if I think someone like Valkyrie would make a fun lead for a movie.


They’re doing it with Black Widow, but she had seven movies as a supporting character before being spun off.

I think Valkyrie would work well in GotG, but I don’t want to wait another three years for that. Maybe she can be in the Eternals?

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That’s fair, I hadn’t thought of that.

I guess there’s an element of SJ being such a big movie star that it makes sense to do that, and maybe as an original Avenger it doesn’t look so bad. Every other Avenger had their own movie (except Hawkeye, but really who wants to see that?).


They’re all potential movie or TV shows, but I expect Marvel to go the TV route with more of them, to help build the Disney+ service. It spreads the cost better as well.

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I agree, I think they will use most supporting characters in streaming. I’d love to see an Avengers West Coast show that focuses on the smaller supporting characters on smaller stories and missions with a rotating cast, maybe have Hawkeye and Black Knight share leadership.

It’s been rumoured numerous times that they have a plan for Black Knight and I think it’s logical he’ll be a character used for the streaming service rather than in the movies, but who knows.

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