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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Negative Zone and the Annihilation story line.


If it was the Trank FF movie, he REALLY dodged a bullet.


He would have made a great Doctor Doom though, if they were casting older.


It says it was right at the start of your snippet. :smile:

Come now JR, don’t let us think you are sharing without reading them. :wink:


I know. I’m just saying.


This has not become a better idea in the last few years, and doing it in eighteen months with no director or cast set yet just sounds foolish.


18 months is not a good length of time for a Superhero flick - the only time it’s worked was First Class and then, that’s just barely.

This just reeks of Sony desperately trying to cash-in on what they anticipate will be a popular new Spider-Man franchise - I wonder if they’ll got the Agent Venom route or the Lethal Protector route - they’re really the only two takes from the comics you could make a movie out of.


And how do you do Venom without Spider-Man?


I can’t see Mads Mikkelsen without thinking of @PatrickA. :wink:


I can’t see Mads Mikkelsen without thinking about the “Mister Doctor?” line followed by “Perhaps”.

That was such a good delivery.

I actually think Kaecillius is the best villain to pop up in the MCU next to Loki and Obadiah Stane. He was super-villainy, but he made the role sort of fun, which I really liked.


That line was great! Dr Strange had some terrific low-key humor.


You can do it, you just don’t want to. It’ll be hell.

James Gunn kicked off a little storm on Facebook recently when he said that he finaled a shot after 749 versions.

Now, for people in my job, that has a particular meaning; that someone did a version, showed it, got told to change something, and then repeated that process over, and over, and over again.

Some clarification later seems to say that he was referring to 749 stages (multiple designs, tests, sims, animation blocking, renders, comps etc.) from the filming to delivery, but still, imagine that for 2000 shots.

18 months is fine if you start filming today, but to gear up, film and post a movie that fast; not a good idea.


Possible Monica Rambeau?



So, considering I’m about forty hours of viewing away from getting to see Iron Fist, I’m staying the hell away from the spoiler thread and figured I could ask a question I’m curious about here.
For anyone who has seen the episode directed by The RZA (I believe it’s episode 6) is it notably different to the others? Does he get to unleash some Man With the Iron Fists craziness? Or is his creative “voice” lost in the Mighty Marvel Melange?
Please spoiler tag stuff, but I don’t want plot details, more just the tone and general levels of crazy.


Feels the same as the other episodes, to me. there is a bit more of the fighting in this ep, though.


Have we talked about the Thor: Ragnarok logo yet?

PHOWAR! Look at that; logo porn. I’d venture to say it’s the best damn logo there’s ever been.


Looks like a logo from the opening screen of an NES game to me.




Well that’s one of the many great things about it (although I’d say more Sega Mega Drive)