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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


And the hits just keep on coming for “Iron Fist”:


What I’m picking up is pretty much a huge criticism that the show doesn’t lean into the potential of the character seen in stuff like Ed Brubakers run - that’s based on the first six episodes - so I live in hope.



When I saw the trailer for IF, it seemed generic to me.

Legion gets major points for simply doing something different.


I feel like Iron Fist is my personal karma because Legion is so good.


That pretty much describes the actual story of Ragnarok, too.

If Siegfried and Brunhild show up, it’ll fit right in.




One shitload of SPOILERS! Posting this mostly so @Jim has good reason to watch more GotG2! LOTS of SPOILERS!

Did I say there were SPOILERS?


There’s not the right words to describe how much I love that new clip.


I just watched episode 4 of Luke Cage and that’s one of the best epsiodes of any show I’ve seen in the last couple years and definitely one of the best DC or Marvel to eps I’ve ever watched, if not ‘thee’ best.

That was pretty much a perfect origin epsiode all while developing the character and staying in touch with present day - really well done and I was so engaged throughout.

Slight disclaimer being that I love prison shit.



Re-watched X-Men Apocolypse…Gads, what a mess.
A Magneto redemption movie, I would have watched, but his arc was so shoehorned into this movie, I honestly felt bad for Fassbender.
I just want to see a movie with an established team, not them finding new muties every new arc and showing the obligatory “I can’t control my powers” scenes.
Honestly, Singer’s touch is wasted on these at this point…without a Logan-esque character bringing the outsider perspective, these movies are just a bunch of colorful kids that all kinda sorta act the same playing off each other.

WHY does Moira Mctaggart need her own leather X outfit, again?
And it’s impossible to NOT laugh at Apocolypse staring intently at the TV and saying “LEARNNNINNNGGGGGGG”.


Yeah ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ is a lot like ‘Superman Returns’; a great idea but no-one involved in making it is sure what to do with it?

Singer is a very good director, but he makes occasional mistakes.


Please put the Iron Fist click bait in the Iron Fist thread.


This here is because @Jim has been a good boy lately.


I’m curious as to what the plan is after Infinity War.


Well the good news is the sky is the limit… there are SOOOO many cool cosmic stories and characters they can use… where to even begin?


Infinity War Part 2


Dinner, drinks, and maybe a moonlight stroll?


The Irving Forbush Movie, natch. You heard it here first, True Believers!