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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


I don’t trust critics. I just don’t, especially about comic book related properties. I’ll watch “Iron Fist” myself and come to my own conclusion.


Tom Hiddleston offers that Thor: Ragnarok is “going to be bonkers, but in the best way.” Hiddleston went on to say, “[Director Taika Waititi] is brilliant at comedy. I think Chris [Hemsworth] has some untapped comedy chops, actually, and they found ways of making the whole world of Thor just hilarious.”

Samuel L. Jackson interjected with, “What?!” Jackson continued, “Sacrilege!” And added, “Humor in the Marvel Universe? That’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Not for you guys. You guys are serious. I am going to speak to someone about that.”

I would not want to be that someone.


It sounds like Hiddleson, like the rest of us, skipped the Ghostbusters reboot.


Atlanta is great.


Not at winning Super Bowls.

…I’ll be here all week. Tip your waitress.


Great pick.

She is outstanding in Atlanta.


hum, so from the recently released info & pics, it would seem Thor 3 will loosely adapt and combine the Planet Hulk stuff with Contest of Champions (and maybe Battle World), which makes sense thematically. So I guess it’s possible the last gem is in the Grand Master’s hands… might even be the “prize” to earn in the arena…

I’m just wondering how they’ll explain Banner’s magical disappearance… or what it has to do with Odin “missing”.

Gotta say one thing though, I’m not sure cutting Thor’s hair is a good idea, but hey, as long as he has the long hair back for IW, I guess it’s ok =P


Now you hit a Pet Peeve. So intensely sick of seeing actors in any given setting neatly coiffed. A soldier in the mud, shot, but, man, his hair was perfect!


But without the star of the cartoon, Gambit, so: crap.


None of that really ties in with the title “Ragnarok”, though, or needs Hela in it.

I’m betting the plot is going to be nothing like any of us are currently imagining.


They have shown Hulk in some form of gladiator outfit but I have a feeling that’ll be a subplot rather than the main theme (and also a great excuse to have a big Hulk fight).


The Ragnarok part either refers to Asgard getting destroyed, or something happening to Thor… one could speculate that he’ll become “unworthy” because some promo art showed him with some other weapon for IW. Otherwise, if Thor ends up stuck in an arena fighting his way out, maybe that’s the moment someone (Thanos?) chooses to attack Asgard and retrieve the cube for exemple.

Who knows… At any rate, it’s starting to look like a very packed plot, since it’s supposed to tie into IW as well. I dunno… the whole arena thing could be a subplot that gets resolved fairly quickly… or not… Strange is supposed to at least cameo as well, so who knows…


It’s actually a bit weird because normally I’d be wary of them packing in so many ideas into one film. We have Ragnarok, Hela, bits of Planet Hulk, Loki is back, Grand Master etc but I have a feeling this’ll be a glorious mash up of crazy ideas.


I’m willing to bet that the Planet Hulk/Grand Master stuff will only be in the first act. The films been described as a road trip movie so I’m guessing that most of it is Thor and Hulk traveling back to Asgard to stop whatever it is that Hel is planning.


What if it’s actually a Hela/Grandmaster romance?


Because Thanos would be f&#ing pissed?


is not

two different entities. Thanos cares little for the Asgardians



Those are some pretty impressive boobs for a skeleton.


Why else would Thanos be interested?