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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


I heart this list

29 Essential X-Men Things Somehow Left Out Of The X-Men Movies - BuzzFeed


Goddamm that’s all on point, and makes up a large part of why I mostly view the X-series as a bummer.


Yeah, it was an unusually good list.


Not sure who could replace him.


A bit of a non-story again, he’s basically saying that at some point he’ll be too old as Loki is immortal. That also stands for Thor and Sif and the other Asgardians too.


This is largely because the series hasn’t literally adapted the X-Men. The comic isn’t a novel, it’s not a (relatively) short text, that could be transferred to a 2 hour movie, or even a series of them.

It’s decades of different creators all doing their own version of the characters and their world, and changing it as they went along.

Fox’s X-Men movies are a continuation of that. They’ve used a few elements but they’ve also had to be very sparing what they re-used from the comics. They have their own ideas as well.


I think that goes without saying.

That makes a fairly good case for the x-men having some pretty essential storylines that make the franchise feel like “X-Men” though.

The relationships, I think, are more important then the film-makers have given them credit for.

The only one that was really paid attention to was Xavier/Magneto, and Jean/Logan to a lesser extdnt.


Because they fit the stories that were told.

Fans, with decades of knowledge, miss those relationships, but you can’t have them without having different stories.


Id be fine just getting them.

I think Reynolds is clearly doing the right thing introducing Cable rather than doing something else.


Cable is an excellent foil to Deadpool.

The Deadpool movie universe is based on character moments, not really plot, and it works. The darker, less funny version is working right now for ‘Logan’.

Fox could try that with the next X-Men movie, leave out a lot of the R-rated stuff, simplify the plot, stop saving the world in a cyclone of swirly VFX and make something more about the characters.

I don’t think they see that as the place for the films to stake their territory though. They want scale.


That’s not true. The most successful x-men movies have focussed on key relationships from the comics. Including the current released film.

We just need that to be focused on more.


I’m a little burned out on the Marvel Netflix mini-verse after the decidedly Not Good endings to Daredevil season 2 and Luke Cage. Happy to give Punisher a shot and will certainly make time for Defenders but really not convinced to devote 13 hours of my time to Iron Fist, a character I admittedly am not very familiar with, given the bad reviews. Who knows? Maybe this will buck the trend and be a series that starts off pretty bad but then finishes really strong.


I am such a sad panda about this and I hope you’re right.

How do you screw up Iron Fist? that’s like screwing up Batman or Spider-Man.


The awful track record of Batman and spider-man movies might be an indicator here


Nooooo!!! My last threads of hope!



A lot of the bad reviews for Iron Fist state that a white guy shouldn’t be in the roll of …a white guy. WTF?


I agree with both sides here. The Buzzfeed list is pretty unfair, especially when you consider all that they HAVE put in the movies. If they took out Apocalypse and put in Mr. Sinister then Buzzfeed would be complaining that there is no Apocalypse. You can’t have everything.

That said, I’m not sure why they’ve never gone with either a lineup of the mid-80s comics (roughly Wolverine, Rogue, Kitty, Peter, Kurt, Storm) or the 90s cartoon (some combination of Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Beast, Storm, Jean, Scott).

Personally I’d prefer the former group but in both cases, why not go with the proven chemistry that people already adore? In a way it doesn’t even seem like X-Men, which I say as someone who has enjoyed the films on the whole.


The first movie was basically a stripped down version of the 90s cartoon cast.


Me too, there are literally thousands of comics there and they have picked the best bits that even over several movies could never come close to being covered. On the other hand they have pretty much selected the right ones.