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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


And great hair.


Are we absolutely, 100% sure that’s not just a behind-the-scenes photo of Goldblum before he gets into costume?


He’s not naked enough for that.


Well this reminds me of the Thor 2 end credits scene when people got all worried that the Collector looked like shit and Guardians was gonna be horrible… So I’ll just wait for the movie =P


Wow. But cannot say I’m too surprised.


eh… even if it’s crap, it’ll still be better than SG, Arrow, LoT and AoS, so count me in :smile:




What, me pay attention?


Who would have guessed that after continually diminishing Marvel shows and that shitty trailer that Iron Fist would suck?


It’s a shame if it does fail to deliver as I do think there is potential for a good live-action adaptation of the character.


I just hope they learn from their mistakes and hire better writers going forward…

…or they could just hire the same guy to run their Inhumans series. :frowning:


The proof, my friends, is always in the pudding.



Obviously, this is the beginning of the end for Marvel. Everyone should sell their Disney stock now.



This is my future review of Iron Fist:

“It was great! Shut up I don’t care.”


What’s your review going to be like if it’s not good?

I’m honestly hopeful for. I’ve enjoyed the other Marvel Netflix shows and hope they don’t go downhill.


I’m hopeful too, but the overwhelming amount of bad reviews is bumming me out a bit. I’ve never liked Finn Jones’s casting, either. He plays one of the few dull characters on Game of Thrones. That could be a writing problem, but idk, it’s hard to imagine him being an electrifying screen presence.


There’s a lot of negative press and I think Marvel Netflix are pretty much in the habit of telling super-slow burn stories for their characters and keeping all the really cool parts of the mythology up their sleeves. That’s fine with someone like Daredevil, who has a huge cast of villains and you can tell their origins as well - but with Iron Fist I think you really need to hit the ground running - you need to jump into the Five Cities of Heaven and Orson Randall and Steel Serpent - the Meachums are an important part of Danny’s origin, but there isn’t enough there for thirteen episodes.