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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


No…the one about…

Never mind. Am sad now.


That sounds great. Really.
Would it be Tom Hardy style?



Yes, she will:

The only problem is she may tear your heart out…




Obviously we are. This guy:

Not a fan of Thor’s new hair.


I thought this cover was a joke…I’m sure Thor Ragnarok is gonna be awesome, but this cover makes it seem like they took all the things people loved about Thor and got rid of them for this movie…


Love the Kirby detailing on those green trousers.


Hela needs her cool crown.

That’s the best thing about her!!!


I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


I think (based on how a lot of stories work) that what they’re doing is taking everything they can from Thor so that he has to get them back.

They take his clothes, his hammer, they even cut his hair to make him look less polished.

It’s similar to what they did in the first film.


EW typically do horrible covers. Bad photoshop jobs combining separate images of the actors together. This cover looks like total arse, but my guess is the movie will still be great.


Not read the reviews and I didn’t want to say much as I didn’t want to burst any bubbles - but I thought the trailer looked pretty shite and the actor was devoid of charm, and wasn’t remotely interesting to look at - contrast to the casting for JJ, LC & DD, which was fantastic.


I’ll watch it regardless though



Russell Crowe is doing a sequel to Gladiator?


This is just the best thing ever.


So, the Grand Master and the Collector - both members of Earth, Wind and Fire?


On those photos alone this looks like an awful syfy TV series that no-one watches. And yet when Marvel throw their magic on it I expect it to be great. Nice to see them going more colorful. Cate Blanchett looks like a bad cosplayer, but she’s a great actress so hopefully it works. I hope she doesn’t go all Indy 4 in her performance.


I think Thor’s hair looks great. Goldblum… I don’t know. I just see Jeff Goldblum in weird makeup.