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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


I would rather wander blind through Dante’s Inferno than to attempt to wend my way through current intellectual property issues!


In film, writers can often get a royalty for characters they created as well. It why you see the “featuring characters created by…” credit.


Well yeah, I see that in Mark’s movies (and know a bit about his deals). However I don’t think that’s always the case by default.


The WGA decides who get separation rights when a film is written, it’s not part of the deal writers sign. If awarded separation rights by the WGA a writer is entitled to a credit and minimum payment every time a character they created is used in another film.


I was going to post a longer version of what Rory just said. It’s built into the agreement the WGA have negotiated with the film and TV industry. That’s the power of collective bargaining.

Of course, writers can end up fighting each other for a share of those rights, but that’s the next stage; the rights themselves exist.

Mark’s a star with a solid track record of creating hit comics that become hit movies, so I’m sure he gets a better deal on top of the basic rights, as he should.


Wow thats a great piece of knowledge. I always wondered why they didnt go for the easy layup there with that character from The First Duty. Not sure which i would have preferred.


Iron Fist is Mortal Kombat and Shang Chi is Police Story


What’s the mechanism for deciding that? How often does it happen?


Wow! That’s such an awesome distinction. Now I HAVE to read some Shang Chi comics.


Hint: It won’t be cheap.

(Also, skilled as he is, not even Shang-Chi can match Jackie Chan’s feat of invalidating the health insurance for an entire stunt team via making Police Story)



As I understand it, the writer needs to have created the character from whole cloth and been the sole creator of the character. It’s fairly common, just most original characters don’t make it past one film.


Actually, it’ll be more than you can imagine…


The Moench stuff is pretty expensive - I looked at buying one volume a while back but it was about 100 dollars. The other two volumes are around the 150 - 200 mark.

Even the MAX series Moench did about ten years ago is about 200 bucks.

EDIT: @BenObiwomble - did you know Master of Kung Fu was now collected? It got collected about 6 months ago I think.


Boy, does he. The trades thread is full of woe at the crazy prices these volumes are going for. It’s equally informative and financially crippling. Long live the trades thread!


Finally watched X-Men Apocalypse. Didn’t hate it like so many seem to, but it wasn’t great, either.


I found it pleasantly straightforward. They could have gone all time-travel and confusing, but they chose to tell a story. I found this quite acceptable.


What is interesting, going back to his era, is that in the late 60s Roy Thomas said the reason he plundered old Timely/Marvel continuity for stories was he didn’t want to create new characters and have them exploited for no gain. So not a new idea.


I could always read to you mine for free. :slight_smile:


That’s basically how I felt too. Some bits I liked, but plenty of waste too. It’s just kind of middle of the pack as far as X-movies go.