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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


He’s not.

I was hoping the character would be but at the same time I know people who hated the idea that he would be second fiddle to Iron Fist.

I would like to see a Shang Chi series though - set in Hong Kong and just straight up gangster-noir.


Well the 90’s had some interesting minority characters that people tend to forget… we’ve even seen one of them recently in the form of Deathlok… unfortunately AoS made a mess of him and then completely forgot about it. It’s a shame, it could’ve been a nice minority to have on a TV show.

As I said above, Prowler is a good opportunity, but there are others… Spider-man had some interesting “rivals” in the 90’s with Cardiac & Puma, for exemple… granted those might seem “silly” these days, but there’s no reason why they couldn’t freshen them up like the did with Groot & Rocket.

But eh, at any rate, I’m still waiting for a Sleepwalker movie/series, and the good news, is they can use whoever they want as the host =P


Excellent point. Doctor Strange as well as Guardians proved that you don’t need to be an A-list comics star to be an A-list movie star, and Marvel actually has quite a lot of non-white-male minor characters. To people other than comics geeks, Black Goliath is just as well known as Doctor Strange was, so give him the right script and actor and you’ve got yourself another blockbuster.

Er, well, maybe not actually Black Goliath. But you get the idea :wink:


It’s been said so often I feel clichéd just repeating it, but it’s nevertheless true: there are no bad characters, only bad treatments. There won’t be a Stilt Man movie until Christopher Nolan goes to Marvel and says, “I’ve got a great idea and Cruise is on board…”


I understand that, but I think that could’ve been solved by making him like a billion times cooler than Danny.
Which he also is in the current comic books.

Yeah, but this is the kung-fu series they’re doing. It’s not likely there’ll be another one coming anytime soon, so they really should’ve used him for this.


I like Hickman’s take but it’s one of the few that really lands. To be fair Iron Fist and Luke Cage aren’t that different.


I don’t know - were getting a Punisher series and there’s plenty of crossover there with what DD and Cage do.

I get your meaning though.


As @TMasters notes, we’re getting a Punisher series based on the positive reaction to his appearance in Daredevil. It’s possible for Shang-chi to show up later in Iron Fist


Maybe, but Punisher will be a crime series, and that’s much less of a long shot than a kung-fu series in the American market. There’s a reason why Lucifer became a crime procedural and not a kung fu fighter.

But yeah, here’s to hoping Iron Fist will be popular enough to make that happen!


At least you know where you are with “I love Batman V Superman”. (i.e.: “absolutely right”)


But then you have the problem of people wondering why they didn’t make a Shang Chi series instead.


Uh, I think you mean


Ahem… minority 70s’ character, debuted in Astonishing Tales in 1974 by Doug Moench and Rich Buckler.

See, @Todd? That’s how you do a 70s shout-out.

Marvel actually tried out a lot of black (and Asian, and occasionally female) characters in the 70s. They didn’t always work, but I think there were very honest efforts at diversity among the writers and artists. And just because they couldn’t headline a comic series for four decades doesn’t mean they can’t headline a movie (see: Doctor Strange).


ha! I always associate him with the 90’s… don’t know why… well yes, actually I know, they pushed him haaaard in the 90’s. He was always guest-starring here and there =P

And btw, I remember lobbying hard for a Cloak & Dagger movie/series, and it’s happening… So hopefully the Marvel gods will get to Agents of ATLAS next… How is that not already in development???


Did people wonder why the Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn’t actually about Giles, or Spike? Did they wonder why Seinfeld wasn’t called Kramer instead? Why True Blood wasn’t about Eric Northman? Why Kirk wasn’t the main character in Gilmore Girls?

Well, yeah, they probably did wonder all those things. But that was a good thing :slight_smile:


To be fair after the 70s he wasn’t featured very much and was largely absent, then yes he was pushed back to the fore in the early 90s.



It sounds like I need to read some Shang Chi comics.


Is it too late to get Joss Whedon to make that Ripper series? If they need to recast the role of Giles, I would suggest David Tennant.


“Cyborg with a gun” does kind of scream 90s :laughing:

He was clearly ahead of his time.