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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


I get what you mean. I think. No need to clarify further. :slight_smile:


The Fantastic Four-ibles? :wink:


There is no speedster in the FF!


It’s the Fantastic Four in dynamics. That 3 or the 4 power sets (despite the lack of the physical deformity for their strong man) are represented is just another arrow pointing in that direction. They even have a Super Skrull for a baby. :wink:


Don’t forget to mention the family angle.



But it’s that Bruce Timm style that really carries it. Not to mention the swinging soundtrack.
Can Disney not just re-release The Incredibles every year I place of a new Marvel movie or something? I mean, if they’re never going to be as good then why not?


That’s what I meant about the dynamic.

Bruce Timm style?

I really enjoyed The Incredibles but not enough to want that many episodes. It does make me wish Disney had gotten Fantastic Four in the Marvel deal.


The character designs and everything look very Bruce Timm, wouldn’t you say?


Ah, OK. Remotely. In maybe the way that Bruce Timm looks like Fleischer Brothers.


I’ll take it.


Wait, are you saying a rib-eye is a bad steak? This thread is confusing as hell.


Unlike the rest of Millarworld, which is like a “I love Batman V Superman” debate-fest.



Confusing… like a fox!



Well, one of the few things Marvel has been doing right lately is pushing Prowler into the spotlight… I don’t know how good or how well the book is selling, but he’s a pretty good minority IP that Sony could take advantage of in between Spidey movies…



Nobody said it was easy.

It’s not easy to create an original character, but it’s also not easy to move an existing one from one medium to another.

And I totally agree that the lack of diversity is already affecting the growth of the MCU, that’s where this conversation started. They’re getting criticism for decisions made in ‘Dr Strange’ and ‘Iron Fist’ and that’s going to continue unless they change their approach.

Now, do they care enough to do that? Is it a big enough problem that Disney will insist they do better?

Disney animation worked hard on ‘Moana’ and got a lot more praise than criticism for the end result, plus it was a hit. If Marvel puts the same kind of effort in they should get the same kind of result.

So, totally agree, it’s not easy. It is possible though.


Isn’t Cloak and Dagger being made? And there’ll be more diversity characters in the “younger” comics, anyway - Runaways is getting a show, after all.

As for Iron Fist, the character is what it is. But they’d be crazy not to cast every second other role Asian in that series. Is Shang-Chi in this? Because he really should be.


You didn’t note that Groot was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and Rocket was created by Bill Mantlo and Keith Giffen.

I’m very disappointed, Todd :disappointed:


I don’t think he is, but Colleen Wing is in the trailers (and was teased at the end of Luke Cage).

I have to say, I wouldn’t be opposed to a Daughters of the Dragon miniseries on Netflix.