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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


And that’s just the rent! It doesn’t even take into account other living expenses.

It’s the same thing with LA and the West Coast TV shows and movies. Characters have modest jobs yet live in what must be very expensive homes.


I shout that at the TV a lot…


It’s why DC characters live in made-up cities with made-up rents :slight_smile:


It’s true for all of them. Al Bundy sure lived in a very big house for a one income family with a shoe salesman. The Friends guys kept prime NY apartments whether they worked or not.

I think it’s partly a conceit because it’s just easier to film in a large room


I think it’s entirely that.

Film and TV is full of little things we never notice, TV Tropes does a good job of cataloging them.

A well known one is the taxi scene. A character gets out of a cab, hands the driver something, the driver waves/tips their hat (in a period piece) and then drives off.

Has anyone really, ever, settled a cab fare that fast? There’s small talk, digging around in pockets. sorting out a tip (or not, which is it’s own story) and then change.

But when your protagonist has to get into the building, you’re not going to go through all of that.

It’s too easy to regard these conceits as faults, whereas they’re really just shortcuts to the things that matter.


You also get the ‘magic’ seat belts, nobody puts them on as it is too fiddly but once he camera switches to them driving they are in place.

I don’t think it’s really an issue unless authenticity is a key part of the piece. “I, Daniel Blake” would be ruined with a fake huge house but Friends is mostly fantasy anyway. In most US sitcoms there is no way the male lead would get a wife that hot, they are usually a decade younger than them and with an amazing figure even if the main character is a lazy git with a useless job.


Have you seen the photos of people on this board with their wives?


I wish someone would explain that to decompressed comic writers :frowning:


That’s a special Millarworld perk powered by chaos magic.


She also spoke German.


I find a lot of those conceits interesting. Like everyone always asks for “a beer” never a brand. If they ever do, it’s pretty obvious product placement.


I like to see which cars have rearview mirrors and which don’t. :wink:


Or how many people look away from the road way too much to actually be driving. :wink:


It annoys me if they walk into a house or a room and don’t shut or lock the door behind them. I get not wanting to waste ten seconds or whatever, but if you’re going to show them opening it…


Logan reviews are in:


Variant poster by Bill Sienkiewicz:


After this review I cannot wait.


Inevitable, I suppose.


Metacritic’s score of 73 is probably a bit more realistic than rottentomatoes current 96%.