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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange




The character is described as a “strong-headed Native American” and yet his name isn’t John Proudstar.




I’m glad they are aware that Thanos has to show us what makes him such a threat. I’m looking forward to that.

What can I say? The movies go up and down a bit, but the Russo’s are a safe pair of pairs of hands and I’m confident they’ll deliver a pair of great movies!



I hope they give her one soon.




Hey @Todd you missed the perfect opportunity for one of your phrasing moments.

You’re slipping. :smirk:


It was @Lorcan_Nagle’s turn.



Oh, so you’re following the Bunk principle: Don’t give a fuck until it’s your turn to give a fuck.



Why are they using such mainstream songs like Suffragette City and not more indy classics like the first film? :wink:




Somewhere in the oceans of verbiage about G2 I heard Gunn specifically chose this song because he both loves Bowie and the song itself has something to go with a plot twist.

He knows deep cuts!


I might’ve been being sarcastic to give someone (who complained about the song in the last trailer) a hard time. Then again, I might not’ve. :wink:


If this is legit, she’s certainly a fit for the role.