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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange




Do you guys think Iron Fist will open with “My name is Danny Rand. For 10 years I’ve been training like hell in a magical place deep in the mountains. Now I’ve come home with only one goal, to save my company and [probably] city. But to do this I need to be someone else. I need to be something else. I need to be the Iron Fist.”? :smile:


To be fair Arrow ripped quite a bit from Iron Fists origin but I don’t really see too much similarity beyond that.

If the martial arts sucks I’ll be very disappointed though


I wonder if the young white billionaire fighting people to make the world better is a trope that will fall out of fashion. It feels very out of place given the current political climate.


You could be right, but I can’t help thinking that the white-billionaire-hero-trope could become an even bigger part of a, what to call it… propaganda-machine.

My mind is enhanced/poisoned by Slavoj Zizek.


I think Donald will ruin the name of billionaires everywhere.



Or mayhap Mark was auguring again with Nemesis?


The time may be right for a film about a club of billionaires that are so divorced from reality they just want to fuck with the world.


So, Shockley is meant to be Nitro right?


Yes. They share the same abilities.


But only white billionaires, right?

I mean, Black Panther is going to be ok?


There was definitely a bit in the corridor leading off that lobby. :slight_smile:

I’m not jaded anyway, I think it was a good trailer, the show looks like it could be fun and I’m impressed that it seems to be sticking so close to the origins of the character from the comics. I daresay it won’t be for everyone, and I’m sure those who have slated the Marvel Netflix shows before will find more to complain about here (I think they already are!), but as someone who enjoyed Daredevil and Jessica Jones to a greater or lesser extent I’m up for this.

I’d love to see a bit more of the craziness of (say) Brubaker & Fraction & Aja’s run on the character, but for now this looks like a pretty decent version of Iron Fist.

I just need to finish Luke Cage before this starts!


Hopefully, the fight scenes will be top notch. I always go back and watch the hallway fight scene in Daredevil season 1 which was great. Also, what is it with white billionaires getting lost [plane-wrecked, shipwrecked, captured by terrorist]? :laughing:


How else are White Billionaires meant to get superpowers?


Bitten by a radioactive polo pony.


By getting peed on by a $50’000 prostitute born in Pripyat on the day of the Chernobyl incident.



It’s been a complaint for a while. There’s even a name for it.

It was thrown around pretty heavily when Iron Fist was first cast and in regards to the Dr. Strange film.


The reviews have been very positive for the series.