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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange



Yeah, I’m in.


I’m glad they opened with a fight in a corridor. I was worried there might not be one of those.


It’s the MCTVU’s version of Stan Lee.




Still got nothin’ on OLDBOY.

I do hope that Rand receives a cease and desist later from Stark’s lawyers at some point. He must have registered anything “Iron” related.


That looks awful.


I bet Iron Fist’s iron fist would out-iron-fist Iron Man’s iron-man fist though.


He might be able to beat Iron Man’s repulsor ray, but Stark’s lawyers are another matter. Those guys give HYDRA nightmares.


So that’s how he gets involved in a crossover with Daredevil. Defenders actually refers to him and Matt Murdock fighting a protracted trademark-infringement lawsuit.


It looks very 90’s.


This sounds very promising:

Particularly the parts about the visuals, which I often feel is one of the most lacking elements in comics-to-TV adaptations.

Does anyone know when/where this is being shown in the UK?


FOX, Thursday night.


Thanks Paul.


You’re being kind.


I hadn’t seen this before but noticed it today as part of the Iron Fist hype.

I liked Quesada’s art for the teaser poster for Daredevil and really like this one too. He needs to draw another book again soon.


It looks silly, but potentially fun.

I hope they enjoy the daftness of it, while trying to give us character to care about. The little moment with Claire suggests they might just have got the right tone.


That looks more like Arrow than Daredevil.
It’s … not a compliment.

Shame about the trailer music as well.


That’d be… ironic.


that’s funny, it looked like a lobby to me. Have we all become so jaded since DD first appeared? this looks fun.