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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


is it a 1 hit wonder or not? and how often had you heard before the movie? In current pop culture it was ancient , almost dead and buried, what do you call a 40 yr old 1 hit wonder?

That proves my point Eduardo. Outside of Germany, who listened to Hasselhoff?


I’m not sure what the significance of it being a 1 hit wonder is. There are plenty of well known songs that were also 1 hit wonders for their creators and even more songs from famous career musicians that no one remembers. If a 40-year-old 1-hit wonder is still well known it’s not obscure. More people knew the song in the first Guardians trailer than knew the Guardians.


“Hooked on a Feeling” hasn’t been obscure since Ally McBeal wore it out with that damned dancing baby that went viral before viral was “viral.”


That clip went viral like crazy, when we didn’t even do viral :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, it reached Argentina back then 0_o

Oh, and it was in some little movie


i never watched Ally McBeal and did not follow dancing baby craze. so I was uninformed. Mea Culpa


Funny how no one’s arguing “Fox on the Run”. I know I’d never heard of that song b4 the GOTG vol 2 trailer.


I think (think) I heard it in a Linklater movie.


Oh, this comes out this week? I thought it was on the 28th. I guess I saw 2/8 and missed the divider.


I’d lost track, despite loving the trailers. I have high hopes for this and a lot of people I know will be watching it too.


There were a lot of TV spots for it during the Super Bowl.


This will make @Jim happy:


I never watched Ally McBeal but I was familiar with the dancing baby. In fact, that’s what I thought of when that song first played in the original Guardians of the Galaxy trailer.


While I would never consider hooked on a feeling to be obscure (I grew up with that song). Citing a pop culture phenomenon that happened 16 years before the GotG movie doesn’t mean it was a song well known by a good chunk of the audience when the movie came out. But I’m also just being difficult.


I wasn’t aware of Hooked on a Feeling before GOTG. I remember the dancing baby, but the thing was hideous and ridiculous, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. The music certainly left no lasting impression, obviously.

Looking it up, the song was a very minor hit in the UK in the 60s. I would be astonished if more than a tiny percentage of the GOTG audience actually remembered that. I think “obscure” is a fair label.

At the end of the day, it’s a fairly mediocre 60s pop song. Now, by virtue of being a 60s song it’s automatically immensely superior to any modern pop song, but by the standards of the 60s it’s mediocre. It’s no wonder nobody remembered it.


Hell, the Blue Swede version used in the movie and ads isn’t even the original version.


The B.J. Thomas original was a minor hit in the UK, which is why I said 60s song. As far as I can see, the Blue Swede cover was completely unknown here. (Not surprising. I mean, they were Swedish and their name wasn’t “ABBA”.)


Not that it’s a big deal, but I thought it was used more as a nod to Reservior Dogs and Tarantino in tone.


BJ Thomas had a song that wasn’t Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head…Wow! I am genuinely surprised.


The Media really tried to push him; it didn’t work.

He must have had a hell of an agent, though!


“BJ” is such a funny nomenclature.

Heh, “BJ Novak” - what a goof.