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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange



“and he didn’t use frickin’” Rocket is such a bad role model teaching a baby to swear like that. Shame on him :smiling_imp:


He may have used "flippin’ "instead.


I think the GotG2 spot is a great trailer but the Mantis getting hit by the flaming debris looks like a joke that comes from the end of the film, after everyone is really irritated by the character.

It’s a shame they used it here, we get it, but we get it on trust. It would be funnier after two hours.


nope… no cosmo… nevermind :cry:


great now I have to edit every freaking coment 'cause it’s 4am and I got punked… u_u

Okay, now that I’m done with my excitement: It looks like Ayesha will indeed be the matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth, as I suspected. Maybe a Magus-replacement kind of deal (or the Goddess, d’uh :smile: ) , so they don’t have to delve into Adam Warlock.


Pretty sure those are Rocket’s feet circled, seeing he’s using a jetpack.


Yes, totally ranking DD2 above DD1. I will agree that DD2 took a dive after the Punisher stuff, but I liked the Elektra stuff quite a bit. The scene where she masks up right before her and Murdock duke it out with the Hand, and then BOOM, the ep ends on a cliffhanger really got me marking out. I think the fights were better and the show was more enjoyable for me to watch top to bottom.


Also: Don’t shatter my illusions… u_u

*Edit: Actually I just saw another still… does look like space debris… damn you internets!!! you just played with my feels… :cry:

Oh and lastly, wtf? isn’t mantis supposed to sense that kind of thing? That’s her whole annoying shtick =P





Maybe it’s Cosmo debris because Rocket accidently blew him up.


Cosmo don’t get blown up… he’s the one doing the blowing up =P


I know. You seemed so disappointed. Was only way I could think to include him unless it’s him blowing up Rocket for teaching baby Groot to swear.


First clip from Logan. Not spoiler in any way.


The plot of the movie:

[spoiler]About six months or so after the events of the first Guardians, the team’s hired by Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki), the gold-dipped leader of the planet Sovereign, to stop a monster (that big, many-toothed beast from the trailer) from destroying some very important and very expensive batteries that power their planet. Their payment? Nebula, who the Guardians would like to see imprisoned for her role in Ronan’s ill-fated plot to destroy Xandar.

Everything goes according to plan – the Guardians defeat the creature and take Nebula into custody – but, Rocket, who just can’t help himself, steals some of those very important batteries for himself because, as Kevin Feige puts it, “They’re really expensive and they’re not going to notice and who cares, the Sovereign are kind of dicks anyway.”

Ayesha is unhappy, to put it mildly, and hires the Ravagers, led by Taserface to track down the Guardians, retrieve their batteries, and make them pay for their insolence.

Oh, and then Peter Quill’s dad shows up.[/spoiler]


Damnit, Rocket!


Fantastic plot. Sounds like a perfect setup for the movie.


My only problem with the newest clip is the music selection. Hooked on a Feeling and Fox on the Run were very obscure , catchy songs, one hit wonders or close to it. The Chain is very famous and off of one of the more successful albums of its time.


In what world is Hooked on a Feeling obscure?


If David Hasselhoff covered it, it is not obscure