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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


This is actually how they bill it on the DVD cover.


Man, how you squeeze in even more rape than what was in the original cartoons?


Because she’s ill, and change is a goal in that situation.

Resolving mental health issues is a big thing, it’s not simple and it’s very difficult to even get going on that road.

This conversation could run and run, but; it’s not about resolving all her problems, it’s about fighting them. You can say that Kilgrave is her problems externalised (as he’s the cause) but then her tackling of him has to have more dimension, which it doesn’t.

To have Jessica end series 1 in a better place than she started would have been to betray that part of the show’s core principal, no matter how narratively satisfying it might have been.

I think it would show some hope. That’s all it really needs to have done, for me.

That and not dragged it’s feet with so much repetition, but hope would’ve been good too.


I still think it’d have worked better if Jessica had been more likeable. As it is, it’s hard to empathise with her struggle. And if you can’t do that, what’s the point in watching it?

You can watch unlikeable people in a TV show, but if you’re watching, say, Breaking Bad, there’s a detachment - you’re still kind of rooting for the guy, but you don’t mind seeing him fail anymore. You certainly stop empathising with his plight. But in JJ, we’re meant to keep doing that.


I think that’s one of the aspects the difference of medium brings out. I mean, this is a great panel in Alias:

But to do that same scene in TV with all the humour and audience liking/support for the spiky character that Bendis presents Jessica Jones as? Something’d be lost along the way I think.


I’d join in about the Jessica Jones I do not have a Netflix to see, but I seem to be ass-deep in Oswalts here.


You can get an ointment for that.


Uhm… I had no problem empathizing with JJ (maybe it’s more about what kind of person you are… I’m VERY cynical & foul-humored myself). My main gripe with the story was the couple of ridiculous decisions she makes (and other characters as well) at some points because of “plot reasons”. But that’s alas too frequent in TV series to point the finger at JJ for it.

Edit: Also, she did grow somewhat throughout the series, since one of the things she was forced to do was to face her deepest fear, and she did come out on top of it by the end. There was also owning up about Luke’s wife to his face…

All the Netflix’ shows suffer from rather slow pacing, which is not a bad thing in itself, and they stumble quite hard on the second half of their runs, but hell, they’re soooo far above your usual quality in terms of TV, that it doesn’t bother me that much. On the one hand, sure they’d probably be better if they were shorter and tighter, but on the other hand, I’m always wanting more… so… eh, I’ll take the 13 eps even if they’re a bit too padded sometimes.

Let’s hope they’ll do better with Iron Fist, although I’ll suspect it’s gonna fall into the same problems because of the budget.


This is a show that literally killed a character named ‘Hope’!

I’m of the opinion that we’re meant to feel uncomfortable watching Jessica. It’s the emotional equivalent of watching someone with broken legs slowly dragging themselves down a hallway, incurring further injuries as they go. It’s a total horrorshow because that’s what PTSD and anxiety are.

And here’s where I get pretentious and all windbaggy: I’m of the opinion that there’s a certain segment of modern prestige TV, where there’s nothing wrong with the show technically - the dialogue is fine, production values are good, the actors are all talented, but whatever it’s doing doesn’t click with a bunch of people, and they want it to be different. Jessica Jones, Doctor Who and Sherlock are the ones that come up a lot in nerd circles, but they’re all still getting glowing reviews and ratings as well as criticism.


‘JJ’ did well in reviews, we don’t know about ratings but we should assume it did well enough to keep her in the Defenders and provide a second season (which was announced last year) but ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Doctor Who’ are both struggling with ratings and reviews.

They have plenty of goodwill, and they generate enough money for the BBC to be around (Sherlock may or may not come back, based on what the people making it are doing of course) but we’re not talking about universal praise there.

Actually she killed herself because Jessica’s inability to deal with the situation was getting other people killed.

I’m not suggesting that we’re not meant to feel Jessica’s pain, or that her issues (in the real world) are not terribly serious but, in fiction, the people who make the shows choose how they deal with those things.

And tragedy can be compelling, Romeo and Juliet is a long lived example, the Godfather movies are a more recent (by a few hundred years) one but JJ failed to be compelling for me.

Good intentions do not a success make on their own, not for the character and not for the show.


Interesting chat guys and I can see where everyone is coming from that has contributed.

I watched the final episode tonight and I was very happy with the resolution, I found it to be a very satisfying and I’m looking forward to the next season.

I didn’t find Jessica unlikable at all, although we all have our own mileage on certain personality types.
I found her flawed just like everyone else in real life and at times I wanted her to behave differently than she did, but that is also true to life and I think that’s part of why I enjoyed it so much, that her character has both good and bad sides - much like myself.

Best of all, my wife has totally bought into the Marvel series on Netflix now and she is up for Luke Cage next, then she’s going to go back and watch Daredevil - all of which makes life easier for me when I’m trying to keep on top of these shows, which is not easy when it watching them on my own. Plus it’s fun watching something you like with someone else - more often than not I’m watching to when she’s out with the kids or I’m in bed with my iPad and headphones.


While I do think the Netflix Marvel shows would be better served as 8 to 10 episode seasons, I’ve still enjoyed them all. They aren’t the greatest shows, but I still like them.


Having met Steve he is basically the male Jessica Jones.



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