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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Your teachers were stupid dumb faces.

I don’t think it will be good. I’m certain it will be the bestest best show since ever there was a show.


I would be interested in a movie, but I have found the Marvel TV shows to be very disappointing. Not a big deal, not everything has to be for me.

Is there a trailer?


Iron Fist? Yes, for a while now:


I love that he’s fighting the Axe gang from Kung-fu Hustle


OK. That doesn’t show much but it’s interesting.

Weirdly I think a problem I have with these shows (and some of the movies), through no fault of their own, is that these character forever live in 1970s and 1980s New York City in my mind. The NYC of today is a far cry from that, and it’s weird to see superheroes in the glistening, (more) homogenized, playground for the wealthy that these cities are today.


They did try to address that a little bit in Daredevil, by suggesting that the fallout from the alien attack in Avengers had wrecked some areas of the city and led them to fall into disrepair again.

A bit of a fudge, but at least they tried.


Try being a New Yorker. :joy:

Daredevil is hilarious to watch because according to it Hells Kitchen takes up almost all of Manhattan while ignoring the fact that it doesn’t even exist anymore (and the area is now an expensive upscale place to live). Really it would have made more sense to set the show in Brownsville or parts of the Bronx.


A bunch of the Daredevil scenes were set in Hell’s Kitchen but shot near where I used to live in Brooklyn.

They did address gentrification in the show but the New York of today doesn’t feel like a setting for superheroes. It worked for Raimi Spidey but that’s about it.


Yeah, it’s like, if you’re a superhero in New York today, you’re a lazy motherfucker.


Yeah, I know there is still lots of crime even if it’s way down, but our cities used to be weirder, freakier, more dangerous. Now, comparatively speaking, they’re so clean and corporate. Which I guess fits the way the Marvel heroes are presented on screen, which is also very clean and corporate, not really freaky or dangerous.


Yeah Luke’s bar was supposed to be in Hell’s Kitchen too but it’s really down the block from my friends tattoo shop in Alphabet City.


When it gets to international sales I know that in many territories it is mandatory to put them up for open auction. It’s a competition thing. So most Fox shows appear on Sky in the UK or most BBC shows appear on BBC America in the US but not all, they can be outbid.

I see it quite a bit out here in Asia, HBO originals sometimes appear on other channels even though HBO operates here.



Can’t argue with that, at least if we’re talking the sequence of Darevil - Alias - Cage. If we’re talking Daredevil - Alias - Daredevil Season 2 - Cage, on the other hand, I’d say that DD2 for all its flaws is still better than the other two.

But yeah, they better get it right with Iron Fist, or goodwill will start to run out.

But from the trailer, I’m hoping they’ll focus on making this a really good kung fu show. As long as the fights are awesome, there’s not much can go wrong.

(Well, okay, I say this, but I never finished the first season of Into the Wastelands, which had little going for it except for really awesome kung fu fights.)


Don’t forget a few sequences where the story goes from normal to villain-bloodily-dismembering-hapless-goon-in-front-of-everyone in 30 seconds or less.


Since I love to rank things I’d go with:
DD 2
Cage (never could be bothered to finish it)


I very much agree wth this statement

Or at least I did

Something weird happened with Jessica Jones. I got bored of it quite quickly, stopped watching after 4 or 5 epsiodes.
Then Mrs S and I picked it back up again, as our ‘Sunday night drinks’ show and I’ve kind of enjoyed the languid pace of it since. I oddly started to enjoy the slow pace of it and began to embrace it.
I don’t know if is just because I find Kirsten Ritter so attractive that looking at her occupies my mind during the slower parts, but something has clicked for me.

We have the last epsiode tonight before we move onto Luke Cage, so I guess I’ll find out if I can deal with the same decompressed nature again without getting fed up.


I’m sure I’ve said this before, but when I rewatched Daredevil series 1 and Jessica Jones the pacing didn’t bother me at all


It’s definitely a personal thing for everyone.

I probably wont watch Jessica Jones season 1 again, ever. It was just too drawn out and I disliked Jessica (the character, not the actress) so much that I’m cautious about season 2.

All the Marvel shows have had a few issues, but that was the one that annoyed me the most.


I’ve still only watched the first 2 episodes of Jessica Jones. I was in a bad mood when it started and she was just so moody and grumpy. I keep meaning to watch the rest.