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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.


Arnold and Stallone were leading men at the same time as Hanks, Fox, and Guttenberg. Their heyday was the 80s. In fact, Fox and Arnie broke at almost exactly the same time (1984-85).


They were leading men but hadn’t become the norm. There’s lots of articles on how the loveable everyman of the 80’s was replaced by the action star of the 90’s.

Of course it’s not a 100% rule, but nothing is. If you’re looking for absolutes that’s the way of the sith.


I don’t know what articles you’ve been reading but that’s just not true. The heyday of the macho leading man was the 80s. Stallone and Arnie were literally doing at least one successful action movie every single year in the 80s. By the 90s their stars were already starting to wain (Arnie’s last hugely successful straight action movie was T2 and that was 1991. Stallone was already on Rocky 5 by the 90s and his last hugely successful action movie was Cliffhanger and that 1993) and had begun doing comedic action, as well as straight comedies and dramas, none of which (except for maybe True Lies) were anywhere near as successful as their 80s films.


Re: Cloak & Dagger…

I don’t know if I’m the target audience and I don’t know if I’ll like it or if it’ll be too CW-y for my tastes, but I do absolutely think that’s the right direction for such a show… a pseudo Romeo & Juliette for teenage audiences, with superpowers. Something to replace and attract the Twilight target demo. That’s exactly what I said it should be, wether it’s a show or a movie series, and I’m guessing that’s what they’re doing, so good for them. Hopefully it’ll be good quality.

The good thing is that C&D are such an obscure pair of characters that they can do whatever they want with it, pretty much. Making them younger is of course a smart change… So hey, who knows, I guess I’ll check it out, but it has potential.

Now, let’s talk about Morbius the living vampire :smile:


I wasn’t aware this character was canonically gay.


Runaways will be out before this, with Karolina. I guess you could argue over whether they’re really superheroes.


Pleasantly surprised by the Thor 3 trailer, having avoided pretty much all talk/coverage to date as a result of having no interest in the second film. I’m glad they’re letting Hemsworth be funnier - he’s a comedy natural.

Not too keen on the logo though; it just makes me think of Guardians.


Fox has announced that New Mutants is less than a year away, with the film expected to drop on April 13, 2018; Deadpool 2 will follow shortly thereafter on June 1, 2018; and X-Men: Dark Phoenix will round out Fox’s superhero slate on November 2, 2018.

Less than a year to make New Mutants? Three X-Movies in a year? Hmm.


Hmmmm indeed. I would be very surprised if all three show up on that schedule.

Interesting that Gambit looks to have been quietly dropped too. (Sorry Tim.)


The best SF show I’ve seen in years.


Not going to see it until they reboot that crap. Also, I wasn’t impressed with Turner’s Jean, like at all, so a movie focused on her doesn’t really excite me that much.


What, again? I really don’t know if that’s the answer.

If the franchise carries on rebooting itself at that rate then the next reboot is probably going to stop halfway through the first movie to reboot itself again.


No, I mean a proper reboot with a change of direction and people in charge. And costumes.


Oh, I see. Yes maybe a fresh approach on that side of things would be desirable. This is going to be, what, Singer’s fifth X-Men movie?


I thought Singer wasn’t directing this one?


Yeah, Singer’s busy with the “authorized by the family so probably sanitized to bits” Freddie Mercury movie.

No announced director for Dark Phoenix, but apparently Kinberg wants to do it himself.


Is that the one Sascha Baron Cohen quit because of clashing with the surviving members of Queen?


Oh, that article made it sound like he was directing after all so I thought it was back on.


Yup. Rami Malek’s in the role now.