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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


I think we’re really talking about tone. Guardians set a perfect tone: part nostalgic, part irreverent, never taking itself too seriously and always seeking to have as much fun with its story as possible.

You could tell a similar story about similar characters with a similar concept, but with a different tone the whole thing would be off.

It’s why stuff like Deadpool succeeded even when its story was a pretty basic superhero origin/revenge plot. That tone, that irreverent humour, sets the mood for the whole movie.

For both GotG and Deadpool, I think there’s a challenge of repeating the trick - it’s hard to pretend you’re the upstart misfit superhero movie when you’ve got a massively successful first film under your belt that has been popular across a very broad audience - but I think that both of them will probably be smart enough to change things up in the sequel and not just try and offer the same as what they gave us the first time.


It’s important to remember that GotG is a 2+ hour movie and Farscape and Firefly and multi-hour TV series. Tonally, they share many similarities but designed for different mediums. Farscape ran from 1999 - 2004. The content is not really the deciding factor in accessibility, it’s the time commitment.

Trying to do a straight comparison between a movie and TV series is really a non-starter.


I agree there’s a difference there in that, yes, but if I sat my nephew and brother in law down to watch the first 15 minutes Serenity and Guardians (having not seen either), they would both be far more interested in watching the rest of Guardians. It’s just more universal I think - I’m not saying it’s better per se, just better for more people.


What’s The Expanse?


To be fair, I would probably do the same. :wink:

I’ve trying to watch Firefly but could never get into it. Guardians is closer to Farscape in spirit and execution than Firefly.


But that’s the funniest joke in the whole movie!


It’s a hard sci-fi political thriller/drama series with action and horror elements, based on a series of books of the same name. Set 200 years in the future, it follows the survivors of a destroyed ice mining ship as they navigate the web of intrigue they find themselves in, while a washed out detective on Ceres searches for a missing heiress

I’m a huge fan of the books, and the show is a fantastic adaptation. The novels stick very closely to the laws of physics, and the producers of the show endeavour to do the same - so there’s nice touches like a drink being poured in a station that spins to provide gravity curving under coriolis force

Or birds adapting to not have to constantly flap their wings to fly in a low-g environment

The second series finished last night and it went from strength to strength. This is the best science fiction TV series since Battlestar Galactica (and I mean the bits everyone loved, not the later bits)


I saw an episode of Farscape on the tv randomly the other week and it had me comparing it a lot to Guardians.
The main guy is basically Peter Quill anyway, right?



Not sure if you realise you’re voting Firefly over Guardians…


The first Guardians was too irreverent for me. It made the stakes not matter. I thought that the tone was too light for some of it. So yeah, overall I would go Firefly.
Buuuuut I don’t know what you mean?


That’s a very fair point, though I should point out that the reason I brought up Farscape and Firefly in relation to GotG is that before the movie dropped and people saw what it was like, all three would have looked the same to someone unfamiliar with the comics. Which is to say pretty much everyone. The buzz around Guardians outside of nerd circles was not great, but reviews and word of mouth turned it around quickly.


Farscape was GotG before anyone knew what Guardians was.


I wasn’t sure if you were genuinely praising the joke because you loved Guardians or praising it sarcastically because you didn’t :smiley:


Hey, I’ve always known what GotG was!


I think I laughed harder at that wank joke, given the context of being in a Marvel movie and flying under the radar of most viewers, than anything else in the film.


It is an incredible show. I was very skeptical until a friend hangout-bombed me into watching a couple of episodes.

In a bit of the opposite direction in tone, but also a science fiction show I love, is “Killjoys.”


I keep meaning to try Killjoys out, it’s on Netflix here now.


It’s just… fun. It has it’s big story, but it’s also so intimate in how it tackles the issues the three protagonists face. It also plays nicely with several science fiction tropes, mildly turning them on their head without being way obvious about it.


I came across this interview with Chris Pratt… One thing all three of the franchises we were talking about - Firefly, Farscape, Guardians - All the lead actors you can just tell are cool and incredibly down to earth people. Nathan Fillion, Ben Browder and Chris Pratt are three guys I think I would love to have a pint with and that’s something I very rarely see in film or TV stars. Anytime I’ve ever seen them in interviews they are humble and charming to a fault. This one with Pratt is no exception.


Pratt needs to put 20lbs back on again if he’s coming out on the beers with me. Skinny buff Pratt isn’t anywhere near as much fun.

It’s interesting to see how the leading man template has changed over the years. In the 80’s we had the loveable charmers like Tom Hanks, Steve Guttenberg, Michael J Fox - none of them too buff but all smooth with women. Then Arnie arrives and we get a decade of indestructible macho men. Then I think Keanu set a new template with the quiet thoughtful leading man. Around the time of LOTR I think we lost the leading man for a few years until Jack Sparrow and Tony Stark where the eccentric genius seemed to be the next big thing. I wonder now if we’re headed back to the goofy everyman once again. Chris Pratt and Steve Guttenberg are pretty similar.