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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Farscape is NOT for perverts. You’re getting confused with Supernatural.

And Firefly was just as funny and as much fun as Guardians. I had a couple of friends once until I loaned them Firefly and they didn’t like it. They don’t like comics either. And they don’t like Guardians even though they’ve never watched it.


You’re thinking of Spartacus.


It doesn’t look horrible - I don’t blame Marvel for spreading their IP over several demographics.


I remember those days when Jim used to talk about Spartacus in the same terms as Guardians :grin:


Don’t make me choose between Spartacus and Guardians!


Choose right now.

Pick only one.

You can have only ONE!!!


I’m naming my don Rocket not Gannicus. You know my choice.


What about your son, what are you naming him?


Does @Don know about his renaming?




Hell, Firefly probably would have been a hit at the time if Fox hadn’t completely fucked it over. It’s basically The Expanse with jokes and horses.


Guardians is definitely in the Whedon mould. The style of the humour and the approach it takes to storytelling feel very influenced by Whedon’s work.

It makes sense. Guardians was made in the shadow of Whedon having just written and directed the biggest superhero movie of all time, and was made during the period where Whedon was in the creative driving seat for all of Marvel’s output at that time, overseeing all their movies (and tweaking scripts as part of that). Whedon’s was a winning formula that they would have been foolish to not stick with.

It will be interesting to see whether the sequel still feels like it carries that heavy Whedon influence, given the change in circumstances.


I tried Firefly. Totally meh, with a side order of really weird sexual politics, in someways really forward and in some so backwards it hurt. But in the end it was the wrong sorta western in space. The boring kind.

Now what is this ‘Guardians’ you speak of?



Don’t listen to Lorcan, he’s being silly.


No, he’s talking about that new movie:


I thought he was talking about this:


And without relying on wank jokes.


Your face is a wank joke.


The difference between Guardians and anything else mentioned is it’s accessibility. It’s specifically designed to entertain as many people as possible with every moment… you can’t say the about Farscape or Firefly… The tone, even just in incidental music, would turn a lot of people I know off. There is stuff there that is very sci-fi… to me it’s the difference between Back To the Future compared to 12 Monkeys and Star Trek The Voyage Home or Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure… All are great time travel films but Back To The Future is the most universal by far and the main thing is that again, it’s made to appeal to as many people as possible, entertainment wise, while the others are a little more specific in the type of person they’re aimed at.