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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


It’s what I’m still saying about Ant-Man after seeing the movie.


@Jim, Grumpy post candidate!


Your non comic fans were idiots. It’s possible to evaluate a property as being weak based on the premise. Guardians was never weak - they’re in space, it’s full of aliens, and it’s got a collection of lovable losers. That’s a winning formula. Swap out the 5 leads for 5 different characters and it’s still a great franchise. The bones were strong. They’re not strong for Cloak and Dagger - tragic teenagers from different parts of town hanging out in alleyways and whining about their doomed love and family melodrama is a bad skeleton. The acting and direction from that trailer looks like something the CW would turn down, something MTV would turn down. It looks like TV from the 90’s (like Iron Fist did) rather than new TV from 2017.

It’s clearly a cash grab for Disney to use up the last bits of soul Marvel might have. Fair play to them, they gotta work their trick before she goes out of fashion.


Except it wasn’t a winning formula by default - it it was Firefly and Farscape would have never been cancelled, and loads of people were wary about Guardians before word of mouth was good. Like I said - people who were familiar with the recent version of the comic knew better, and the goofy trailers and the title alone turned a lot of people off initially.

That it was such a big success was down to the sheer quality of the movie and amazing word of mouth from the people who took a chance on it (or knew better)


It was funny. It looked like a good time. Same as Deadpool. Same as Kingsman. Same as Suicide Squad (yes I said it). Firefly wasn’t that funny (and it was a no budget TV show with no famous actors that didn’t do anything interesting with the space setting). Farscape is for perverts of course.

Loveable losers, fantastic setting, us against the world, fast action, great put downs and one liners - a winning formula in any setting.


Again, that was not the impression people got form the trailers. I mean, I can remember people having that discussion here before the movie came out!


This is how I imagine life with Jim:

Jim: Guardians.

Everyday friend of Jim’s: … did… did you just say, “Guardians”?

J: Splooge.

EFOJ: The film Guardians?

J: Splooge.

EFOJ: Yeah, it’s pretty good isn’t it? Maybe not the…

J: Banned.

<Jim walks off leaving EFOJ standing around looking confused>


I dunno, if you don’t like Guardians I don’t see how you could like anything. It’s a perfectly good qualifier to see if we should continue talking:

Jim: Did you see Guardians of the galaxy?

Stranger: Yeah, it was bit shit.

Jim; Go fuck yourself then.


I’m still going to imagine you walking around and autistically stating “Guardians” followed by “splooge” and nothing you can say can make me change this.


Guys there are whole days where I don’t think about Guardians of the Galaxy at all.


Come on, Robert.

We’re not idiots.


I just saw this, but, to be honest Firefly is at least as funny as Guardians.

I understand the point you’re making that there’s a certain winning formula and Guardians just had it, but I don’t think it’s as simple as you’re making out. Firefly was pretty charming, and it’s still very much beloved, it just didn’t set the world on fire at the time. Guardians had the benefit of a marketing department, so did Deadpool, also they’ probably captured the interest of a younger audience who understand self-reflexivity in ways 90s kid didn’t really, while simultaneously giving older generations nostalgia and genre tropes.

Back to Cloak and Dagger; I think it looks fine - maybe a little non-descript; but, I’m also fully aware that the targeted audience is definitely not anyone on this board. We have a thread called “Grumpy Old Men”, not “I’m a millenial and I live in the zeitgeist”.


A comic book from 1983 is the zeitgeist? Someone tell David Meadows!


That’s not at all what I’m saying.

I’m saying we’re not the audience; we would know if we were.


Can I still tease David?


Of course!


You’re pretty much required to.


Firefly, the exact same show, would have been a big hit if it came out five years later. It just came a little too early in the timeline of TV, internet, and sci-fi culture.


I pretty much agree with that - I know a ton of people who discovered it much later, after the film, and fell in love with the series.

There’s really only a handful of series I can think of that happens with - Freaks and Geeks, and Twin Peaks are the two others that spring to mind. Both, arguably, before their time.


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