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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


This reminds me of how I got her to marry me.


The track list for ‘Guardians 2’;


I’m going to squint so I can’t see those titles. The surprise of the music is going to be part of the fun for me.


And playlist created:



I liked Mississippi Grind, but it’s hard to judge their suitability for a big superhero movie from it.


Just noting Cheap Trick was so good when they played at their Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame induction!

PS - here, O’Hara - more of your favorite munchies!



Ok… very much WIP but I’m hopeful. I hope the show has the budget because Cloak needs a better cloak.


Now, now Steve! We didn’t see much of Strange’s cloak, and that turned out okay!


On a substantially bigger budget.

I get that this is a teen drama where they do the powers occasionally, but Cloak… that’s his superhero name! He really needs to be out-cloaking Batman with that thing.


I feel jaded when I watch that and think it looks typical and uninteresting. We live in a world with a Cloak and Dagger TV show! Still it looks like obvious teen melodrama with a couple of weaker actors. It really does belong on Freeform TV, whatever that is.


I have to say in 30 years of Marvel fandom I’ve never met anyone who genuinely cares about Cloak and Dagger. And sure, I’ve liked them at times like everyone else. They’re just a weird concept of yesteryear, and not even really a cool one.


They’ve never had a creator pour any effort into them, so I couldn’t tell you anything about them at all. That’s why this feels like Marvel scraping under the barrel to see if there’s any IP left. There’s not.


They were part of the Ultimate Spiderman Cartoon on Disney XD. Maybe that is why they got the script approval at Freeform, which is another Disney Channel.


Yeah. Even when their ultimate selves popped up in a Miles Morales story, I couldn’t bring myself to care. Dagger looks cool and Cloak is really static and dull. I don’t really get their appeal. I couldn’t even tell you how their ultimate version was different to 616, except for possibly being younger?


The whole idea of teenage runaways who kind of just hit the streets and become homeless is so depressing though. It’s like making a whole TV series about Tony Stark’s struggle with alcoholism.

I did like their appearance in Spider-Man last year.





While we know better, this is exactly what a lot of my non-comics reading friends were saying about Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man before they saw the movies.

I’ll give the show a chance at least.