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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


He’s still on the guest list for this weekend.


They didn’t want to saddle another son with an odd name?


Actually, my brother’s name is even more rare than mine. It’s Damhan, which is Irish for Little Ox or Little Bull.




I worked with a supervisor who named his son Rocket.

He also told me he did a mountain of coke in the 90s.

Whether that’s connected or not I couldn’t say.


Feige had previously said there would probably be no LGBT characters in the movies until the mid-2020s, so it’s good that’s apparently changed.


I don’t remember Okoye being gay.


Yeah, it sounds like they’ve merged her with Aneka, who I think is in a relationship with Ayo in the comics.



My father did that with my younger brother, they’d agreed a name and he changed his mind on the way to register the birth. Fortunately my mother quite liked the change.


Is he called Rocket as well?


No, Star Lord. Star Lord Jones.


Somewhere, at some point, some bastard of a parent will call their kid 11 Per Cent


Is this your brother, Gar? I never realized her middle name was Lord. :wink:


I actually worked with her years ago. It was… not a great experience.


Surely you already nailed it with ‘Boy #2’??


I told wifey last night the Rocket plan. Her response? “Well, I suppose it’s better than Groot.”

I’m a lucky man.


Wouldn’t it be great if they were using a plot from the original (real) Guardians of the Galaxy:


That sounds like permission to me. :wink:


She didn’t say no! :slight_smile: