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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


I always defer to my wife for these things. She doesn’t know the comics. She doesn’t read them. She only knows what I discuss (and to be fair, I do talk about this stuff a lot). But she loves the Marvel movies because they’re fun.

She wants to see GOTG2, Thor and Spidey this year.


It’s good business for them too as the north American pricing model means the studios get a higher percentage cut the sooner people go and see them.






I really like him. He was great in Dope and The Get Down.


Not to digress too much, but how was Dope?


I really liked it but I’m sure your looking for me to say, “It was dope.” :wink:


Seriously, I didn’t even think of that. :scream:



Did you read this article?


Yes, I did.


Do you read all of them or post half read and half not read?


Hum with that poster and the promos, I’m begining to wonder if Matt is even gonna be in costume for this… and I’m starting to lean towards the “no”… which is a pity, I’d love for Danny to get some sort of costume, and not the hobo look he had so far.


Some I skim over, but I do read them.


Now, why aren’t you asking someone who knows?


Jimmy Kimmel featured a very big spoiler last night with a clip from his show…

Watch or unblur at your own peril.

Some of the film is set on Earth.

I can’t remember if Gunn said this woldn’t happen yet or it would, but there you go. There’s a chance it’s a flashback obviously, or it could happen at the end as a lead in to Infinity Wars, it certainly didn’t look as if it’s a flashback and seemed very modern day, I guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.


When it was filming there were leaked set photos that clearly showed an Earth-based location, but I don’t think anyone from the production had confirmed it until now.


Doing a rewatch of DD, season 2.

Granted, I know I’m watching a show about a blind superhero, but in a show that prides itself on “gritty realism”, there are 2 leaps of logic that get my goat.

District Attorney organizing stings on gangs and on Castle. A lawyer calling the shots on a tactical operation is laughable.

When DD finds the kids with their blood being drained out, he tells the cop to put them in a hospital and to “keep it quiet”… Just to get transport that many people to a major hospital by any means would involve PD, EMS, hospital staff, etc…how EXACTLY is this guy supposed to “keep it quiet”? And then the hospital staff sets them up in an abandoned wing of the hospital, and no one is supposed to know? There are, like, 4 other random nurses tending to the patients.



June 4 is six weeks away. Have they even officially announced any casting yet?