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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Brolin isn’t an exciting choice, but he could end up being a very good choice.


Pity. Would have been a nice nod to Priest-era BP.


I love it, I think the detailing is superb! Just a few paint strokes (by someone who knows what he’s doing) and the suit is really enhanced.

But we’ll see what we get in the actual film? Superhero costumes are constantly being changed. Sometimes during the making of the film!

That’s what happened to Black Panther in ‘Civil War’.


Nice Quesada poster to celebrate the end of shooting for Defenders.


Is it wrong that I want to see a costume with the cape and collar?


It’s quite possibly the wrongest wrong that ever wronged.


But I like the cape and collar.


That’s good. Own your choices. No matter what.



< whispers > robots are crap.



Who is the woman behind Weaver?


Good question, I don’t know.


Someone who looks just like Jessica Jones?


I thought it was Colleen Wing.



The piece depicts Marvel’s Netflix heroes each sporting the spot color most associated with their characters: Daredevil in red, Jessica Jones in purple, Luke Cage in yellow and Iron Fist in green. Looming behind them is the series villain Alexandra, played by Sigourney Weaver; next to her, also in the background, is Elodie Yung’s Elektra.

I assumed she was going to be set up as one if not the leader of the Hand at this point.





Having had a quick look around, people seem divided on whether it’s Colleen Wing or Elektra. It doesn’t really look like either of them, though.


@Jim will probably be responsible for half of the amount:


Interesting the top 4 all time highest openings are all Marvel films. They really have a dedicated fanbase that can’t wait to see them (none of them are in the top 5 overall grossing domestically).


There’s Marvel Zombies now for the movies. They’ve earned it though - deliver consistent highly entertaining movies and going to see the new cinematic releases is a no brainer. And this years offerings look to be the best ever from Marvel Studios.