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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Different studios so they’ll never meet.



Josh Brolin has got to be the ultimate straight man. I don’t automatically love the casting, but it could work and be great.


Maybe they could team up to fight Captain America and the Human Torch.



Probably not at the same time, no.

But mostly, I approve of the choice.


I’ve not clicked through, but I assume this is a blank page?

(I seriously hate the 90’s X-Men cartoon)


Even the theme tune?


It pales in comparison to the intos for the Japanese localisation:


Yeah, that is about a million percent better.


If I was a Japanese kid I’d have been royally disappointed to see that epic as balls OP, and then being presented with the regular old X-Men cartoon.



Great choice.


Now I wish they’d just made their own anime over there. I’ve seen the fairly recent Madhouse one, but the 90s X-Men really seem like they’d fit into that 90s anime niche.


So who is Pierce Brosnan playing?


Fingers crossed it’s Bob.


Bob was already in the first movie.


Was he? I don’t remember, tbh… :S



Oh yeah, that guy! That was really funny!


Brolin could actually work for Cable.