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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange


Add ‘insert coin’ and the Capcom logo and you’ve a classic arcade beat 'em up.

(Come to think of it, that’d really work with Thor and the Warriors Three.)


Okay, at first I was ambivalent, but now I’m sold. Give me that movie now! And the video game tie-in yesterday.


You’re a bunch of perverts…

Jokes aside, the ThorR one is gorgeous.



This article goes back to some of the things we were discussing in minority characters and their relation to creators’ intentions in the 70’s. To me, Thomas largely seems out of touch in this interview.

The Iron Fist TV thread! Spoilers abound!

Well, he did co-create this guy:



White… Gorilla?

(That’s a Black Panther villain, right?)


Man-Ape, but he was later called White Gorilla.


I think we can probably pretty fairly criticise a lot of Marvel and DCs characters for being antiquated and racist as a product of their time.

The controversy over Iron Fist seems less about that, to me, and more that Marvel had an opportunity to cast an Asian actor in a lead, and chose not, which is particularly damming because there are no Asian actors currently playing Superhero leads.

That’s fine - I support that. I’d like to see an Asian lead in the name of diversity. I don’t particularly like how this has become so conflated to make Iron Fist, in particular, some kind of racist white saviour trope. That’s just not his story - I see that complaint quite fairly levelled at stuff like John Carter, Tarzan and to a lesser extent The Phantom - and it’s true that those characters clearly bore some influence on Iron Fist. But this criticism seems to really easily forget how much of a celebration of multiculturalism Iron Fist became - I mean Second Genesis was 1986 right? Long held as a great turning point in diversity for the X-men. PowerMan and Iron Fist was 1972 - and I freely admit there were some tropes there in the early days, but by 1976 you had Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Luke Cage and Danny Rand working together to take down a lot of villains which were mostly oppressive jerks or corporate dickheads who were the natural enemies of Heroes for Hire.

I just find it sad. Trump Sad. It’s like saying “Wolverine should be Japanese because he knows samurai stuff - therefore, racist” and not looking at any of the good the character got to be a part of.


They had more opportunity to promote one of their asian characters.
Which I feel is usually the best solution to these types of situations.


Yeah - I think if we’d gotten a Shang Chi series or something before this, we wouldn’t see any of this commentary whatsoever.

What felt particularly strange to me, is that at the time all of this stuff was getting traction - you had Elodie Yung absolutely killing it as Elektra in Daredevil. Elektra is one of Marvel’s most prominent female superheroes and already has had a movie made - why not barrack more for a spin-off series and point out the success of that casting? - not a peep, not a hash-tag, nothing.

I’m not trying to marginalise the complaints, and I admit, I’m hugely biased towards liking the character. I also know more than a few people who were interested in parts for Iron Fist, none of whom got them, and it’s been interesting to watch the narrative they’ve developed going forward.


I’m not trying to marginalize the complaints either.
Which I think I might have veered into in the main Iron Fist thread. Because you’re right about the Wolverine comparison, so all of this uproar but none about the already obscured asian marvel heroes makes it seem less about racial equality/open casting and more about appearances.

I’m sorry to hear about those you knew.
Hopefully one of them was for Iron Fist himself and could’ve replaced Finn.
He was terrible regardless of much else.


I actually know two people who went for the role of Iron Fist - not well, and one I’ve only met once.

I also know someone who is a member of the Asian American Actors Guild who has auditioned for a bunch of the Marvel Netflix stuff. He’s a great guy, but he’s got a serious grudge against Marvel Netflix these days (also, maybe, because he works on an Amazon show too).


In 1975. I’m assuming you meant 1976 and did a typo. :slight_smile:


Ah yes. Thank you Smareth - as always protecting us from the threat of Fake News.

I actually looked briefly through my X-men Omnibus, which lists a reprint of the story as 1986, and yes, does actually say the original print was 1975. Which I knew if I’d thought about it more using my brain-head.


Yeah I think that reprint would be Classic X-Men #1 where they added some extra story pages. I had my copy signed by Claremont, Art Adams and John Bolton in Forbidden Planet in London. This is because I am old but never as old as Miqque of course.


This is why you are a Smareth.


Making Danny stand Asian wasn’t about Kung Fu or anything like that. It was simple disappointment that Marvel still don’t have an Asian led franchise. The Netflix series afforded Marvel the chance to have a female lead and a black lead. Both will be reinforced with a planned female led movie and a black led movie. And still there’s no Asian character - disappointing doubly for Disney considering the Asian market.

Marvels best Asian character is probably Shang Chi. So somehow he needed to be in the plans. Maybe as a fifth Netflix series. Cut the others down to 10 episodes and you have the budget for a fifth series. But it looks like Punisher will get a fifth slot instead.

Still, given how bad the shows have gotten, Shang probably avoided a bad TV show.


Agreed and I think everyone would be better served if that was the dominant commentary. Instead its morphed into an attack on the character itself which is misplaced.


You’re not alone, for what it’s worth: personally, I think he should’ve been introduced in Luke cages series, and left as a supporting character. If people really liked him, they could’ve added an IF solo series after the fact with a lot less baggage.