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Marvel Movie & TV Thread - Cage, SHIELD, and Strange



Somewhere in the oceans of verbiage about G2 I heard Gunn specifically chose this song because he both loves Bowie and the song itself has something to go with a plot twist.

He knows deep cuts!


I might’ve been being sarcastic to give someone (who complained about the song in the last trailer) a hard time. Then again, I might not’ve. :wink:


If this is legit, she’s certainly a fit for the role.



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Some cool concept art from Thor: Ragnarok. Mildly spoilerish if you don’t know much about the film.

DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

Here’s Natalie Portman especially for @RonnieM :wink:


Already saw that. Thought of you and almost posted it too. :wink:


Black Panther concept art:


Moonage Daydream was on the soundtrack for Guardians 1.

Edit: sorry chief. I see this has already been talked about.



The full cast for Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger:



I only really know her from Scandal, where frankly she’s pretty terrible.

EDIT: That’s not fair actually. She’s not terrible, she’s fine but she has 4 or 4 “tricks” that she relies on so if you watch enough of her it becomes annoying.


She was also in Django Unchained.


As I was waiting for Taboo to come on, I caught the last 15 minutes of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It made me realize how big of a mistake they made with X-Men: Apocalypse. I understand wanting to use the younger (and cheaper) First Class. but DoFP really was a nice coda to the “origin” of the X-Men. It cleaned up continuity problems (and purged X3 from the record). With the end of DoFP, they should have gone back to setting the movies in contemporary times. Have a couple of the older X-Men as mentors/teachers to a group of younger mutants who take on Apocalypse. A lot of the story would have had to be changed but that wouldn’t have been a bad thing based on what we got. The X-Men movies should be bigger than they are and not the current messy state.


It is pretty impressive that DoFP resolved everything so nicely and Apocalypse mucked it all up again in the space of one film. :slight_smile:


Yeah that says very little for her since I saw it and completely forgot she was in it.


Yeah, she didn’t really do much in Django Unchained but scream and cry.