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Marvel is Onnit!


From supplements to fitness tools like kettlebells, maces, clubs, battle ropes, etc Onnit is the leader in the unconventional fitness movement. The Onnit Academy, their home gym in Austin, TX was named one of the best gyms in the US. I’ve had the opportunity to workout there a few times when I’m out that way on work trips and they never disappoint.
“Launching this Summer, Onnit will introduce a series of functional fitness equipment inspired by iconic Marvel characters and designed to help you build super-strength.”

This is the most excited I’ve been for a Marvel launch in years. Can’t wait to see what they have to offer!


Oh these are gonna be neat! I still want a primal bell.


Me too. I think they have a two pood yeti bell I have my eye on.


Captain America bumper plates. This is awesome.


Joe Rogan is gonna be pitching these like all hell… Hope they make something interesting, their primal bells are sweet.


He hasn’t said anything yet on his podcast but he has been making some comic book references in his last one.
But as part owner and biggest spokesman of the company I expect him to push it like crazy.


I could see these being really popular. I can’t wait to see what else they do.


I’m going to hit the Onnt Academy next week and hope to see some cool stuff there.



I love that!



It’s pretty awesome, huh?


Onnit’s Superhero Workout Series:

Build a chest like the Hulk.

Build arms like Wolverine.

Rebuild your body like Iron Man.

  1. Locate your gym’s gamma bomb.
  2. Detonate bomb.
  3. Miraculously surv–what? It doesn’t have a gamma bomb? Oh well, forget it then.


If your gym doesn’t have a gamma bomb then you need to find a new gym.