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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Is Upon Us!

His left hand is black with some kind of rainbow energy sheen on it.

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Necrotizing fasciitis.


Does it signify something significant ?


You really are not helping, Michael :joy:


No idea. I assume it has something to do with the title.


I like that cover… But then I guess I would!


I love you, Bobby. Keep being you.


I’m trying and failing to reconcile the response to the Moore cover and the excitement about Liefield’s return to Marvel (beyond “different strokes”).


I don’t dig that cover but I loved Moore on Ghost Rider especially the more Fast & Furious take on the character.


Page #1

Panel #1: the doors to a garage rolling upward; we’re looking in as the doors are half open. The room is full of shadowy bric-à-brac.

Panel #2: from inside the garage, we see our narrator walk into the room. Outside the sun is shining on a typical sub-urban scene. Our narrator is simply clothed, face in shadow.

Page #2

Panel #1: [long, thin, vertical panel, running the whole length of the page] our lead reaches up to pull a box down from the top of a shelf. Shelf on the LHS; our character facing out of the page.

Panel #2: he places the box down on a desk; a lamp can be seen next to it, at the back of the desk.

Panel #3: the click of the lamp being switched on, bathing the desk in light.

Panel #4: inside the box is an old fashioned typewriter.

Panel #5: in silhouette, our lead feeds paper into it.

Page #3

[Splash page; go crazy] Over right hand shoulder view of our lead character starting to type. We see his desk in full, covered in the detritus of a forgotten life, family photos, and the like.

Add sound fx of typing.

You can see the script on the page being written; it reads …

A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far, Away …

There came a Barbarian

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No-one is slating Trade Moore as an artist, they are slating the image. Which is is shit.

Rob Liefeld is the guy who created Deadpool, Cable, Domino. He’s one of the biggest names in the industry, was part of the group who changed comics forever and is a force of nature.

That’s why people are excited about his return to Marvel.



Well, sure. I was thinking mainly of the response to his art that’s been posted (Liefeld’s, that is).

Liefeld has a lot of fans

Plus some of the art that has been posted was great

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I guess. I was a fan back in the day and the only difference I see in his art now is the coloring.

The whole Liefeld thing didn’t appeal to me at the time as I didn’t like Marvel, X-Men or Image in the 90s

Only in the past 10-15 years have I found a bit of appreciation for what Liefeld (and Co) did.

I felt the recent images I’ve seen from him looked a lot better that the stuff he was turning in at DC during the new 52 - I found them visually very appealing.

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I presumed it was meant to be like a blacklight thing.

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Silver Surfer BLACK… really not that hard… :smile:

Is he turning into venom

Just tell me fucksake


I see Tradd Moore’s art as Rob Leifeld hopped up on amphetamines with a hint of peyote.


It’s supposed to be an inverse of what his “silvery effect” usually looks like… so white/grey is black, and what would be shadows are shiny… u_u