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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Is Upon Us!


Marvel is very much the problem in the comic industry right now - They are completely ignoring retailers who are at the sharp end of the business, which isn’t a smart thing to do.

It isn’t that people don’t want comics - they actually still do - it’s that they don’t want crappy comics, and I’d say 80% of what Marvel is currently producing is a waste of paper.

Worse than that - we’ve all gone through periods where books aren’t great - they’ve pissed off their customer base. They’ve been told for almost ten years now that people are sick and tired of event books, but they keep making them, and I order fewer and fewer of them. I’ve ordered a bare minimum of War of the Realms stuff because a) no one has asked for it b) it looks crap.

Do 20-30 top quality books a month. Do that for at least 5 years. NO F***ING EVENTS. NO F***ING RELAUNCHES.

They remind me of Gibson guitars - my hobby away from comics - they thought they could trade on name, produce over-priced, low quality goods and blame the retailers and customers for poor sales. And they pretty much went bust (there’s some promising signs at Gibson now that they might be acknowledging they were at fault. we shall see)

Comics are one of the wierdest industries, but once you figure it out, it’s pretty simple. Marvel have completey lost the plot in my view. Let’s hope someone comes along and realises that Marvel might have a problem, not everyone else.


If that’s the only justification for keeping them, it’s an insane one. You want ideas? Comic books aren’t ideas, they’re comic books.

Get all the good Marvel writers on contracts to produce ideas and the good artists to produce concept sketches for them. Then give them to film-makers and say, “do something with this idea”. Why throw away money on the interim step of producing actual comic scripts, sequential art, and then printing the damn things? What’s the benefit of that? (Don’t say “audience testing”, because we know comic buyers are the worst people to try new ideas on.)


I’ll take your word for it but I read the first issue as it recently popped up on Unlimited and found it very underwhelming.

I have said this before but writing a first issue has become a lost art. This one almost seemed to pick up in the middle of a story, no introduction, no hook, no reason to care.

I have little doubt the writer is talented. At this point the problem is so widespread across Marvel that it’s an editorial issue.


I disagree. It might have been a little lighter on characterization - or maybe it’s because it doesn’t follow close on the heels of “Annihilation II” or whatever it was called - but this first issue reminded me a whole lot of Guardians of the Galaxy’s first issue under DnA. One of the best first issues Marvel’s put out in a while, and for a book and a writer that I could take or leave.


I’m super pumped for this.


That art looks so good, I’m going to need to go to my LCS for a copy of this rather than digital

Liefeld looks reenergised

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Isnt bleeding cool Always full of shit?

I seem to remember a ban on links to bleeding cool from the old board.

The good old days.


I love that page that’s in the thumbnail there.

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What are people’s 3-5 favorite current Marvel titles? I’m always looking for something new on unlimited.

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Immortal Hulk, Black Panther, Captain America, Miles Morales Spider-Man, and Daredevil (of what I’m mostly caught up on).

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Avengers is good. I’ve been digging scarlet spider, because I love Peter David, and this is very Peter David. Thanos and Cosmic Ghost Rider are fun. Marvel Two in One started strong, but then middled into being just pretty good. Avoid the X-Books. They’re just awful.

Oh, and Daredevil! But just the new Zdarskey run, not yet on unlimited. It’s one of the only Marvel books I actually still buy on the day it comes out, just to support it.

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Immortal Hulk,
New Mutants is surprisingly good
Ms Marvel
Spectacular spider-man might be good - its refreshing…
Gillen’s starwars

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Conan the Barbarian is the only one I’m reading right now but I’m really enjoying it and looking forward to Major X.

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Just to toss in my two cents, my top five would be:

Thor- I am way behind because I’ve been doing some re-reading, but this holds up very strongly to a revisit and is Marvel’s strongest ongoing over the last five years. It’s good enough to be a DC book, ha.
Tony Stark: Iron Man- Scott’s Iron Man is a title that I’m surprised I don’t hear more about. I think it’s excellent, full of ideas and humor.
Immortal Hulk- Horror Hulk is my favorite Hulk, so this is up my alley. I understand there is a bit of duff arc coming up, but I’m fine with that.
Moon Knight- This is a classic Vertigo title. A little rough around the edges but I’m also surprised I never hear people talking about it.
Dr. Strange- Waid’s run, it’s a bit stiff and I don’t feel like it’s long for the world, but he’s doing some interesting stuff with Strange.

I am reading in Unlimited so if any of these have turned to shit or been canceled in the last six months, I am unaware.


Would you say it picks up from the first 2-3 or issues? I read those and couldn’t gather what the point is, I thought it was a bit of a mess (not to say Aaron couldn’t resolve it).

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I stopped reading Thor about 8 months ago because I want to wait to read the ending when the inevitable Aaron Thor Omnibus’ come out. I hope this is eventually regarded as one of the classic marvel character runs ever. Great stuff.

As for Avengers, this last issue they released on unlimited is a lot of fun. Now that the introductory stuff is out of the way, fun Aaron comes in

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Immortal Hulk