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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Is Upon Us!


Maybe hate is an over exaggeration. I’ve tried to get into Spidey comics on multiple occasions with zero success. Can’t put my finger on what it is that turns me off him and his comics.

However I will check out that spectacular 310 issue.

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Byrne denies this, of course.

However, Wolverine rejoining AF could have made sense, story-wise.

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It boggles my mind when I read stories of comic book writers receiving death threats. Like, where the hell are your priorities?


You know what, we’re missing an opportunity here - get Twitter to hand over identity information, go after these idiots and fine them.

There’s probably enough of them to make a handy amount of cash and nothing like the thought of losing money because you were dumb enough to send a death threat will deter people from doing this kind of crap.


Over the last couple of years, publishing startup Serial Box has experimented with new ways to tell stories. Today the company is moving into the superhero world with a new partnership with Marvel, which will produce new stories about Black Panther, Black Widow, Jessica Jones, and Thor.

The publisher is best known for long-form, serialized stories called “Serials”, which play out like a season of television. Each season is composed of 10 to 16 individual installments, which take about 40 minutes to read, each one designed to be read on its own, but which also convey a season-long storyline. The similarities to a TV show don’t stop there: instead of individual authors writing a single work on their own, they bring in a writer’s room of writers to produce stories like The Witch Who Came in From the Cold , Ninth Step Station , or The Vela . The stories can be read via the company’s app and website, and are also accompanied by an audio adaptation.

This is Serial Box’s first foray into tie-in fiction, and in a release, CEO Molly Barton says that they’re “thrilled that Marvel is entrusting us to extend and expand the story worlds for these beloved characters.” The stories will be originals based on the characters, but won’t be retellings from the comics or films. The first story out of the gate will be about Thor, and will land sometime this summer. The company says that Aaron Stewart-Ahn, Brian Keene, Jay Edidin, and Yoon Ha Lee will make up the writer’s room for this first serial. Serial Box wouldn’t say if its stories will fit together in its own connected-universe model, or if each season will stand alone.

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Again, have your salt shakers handy:


Ok, I’ll bite - the Bleeding Cool stuff is probably bollocks but two bits did get my attention:

publishing Marvel comic books - even though they are losing money - is still a good idea because it is the inspiration for markets that do make money, such as Kevin Feige’s insanely popular MCU.

Once upon a time, it was, but now? Are there any ideas in current, mainstream Marvel that you’d want on the big screen? I don’t think there is. Kamala Khan on-screen? Yeah, why not? But despite it’s success, it’s still a mid-tier book.

Regarding the comic book market and Marvel Comics being in a state of collapse, a retailers summit was recently held which saw comic book store owner Brian Hibbs offer the industry is nearly on its knees – and pointed to Marvel as the main culprit.

“National sales are very poor – there are comics in the national top 100 that aren’t even selling twenty thousand copies. A significant number of stores have closed — perhaps as many as 10% of outlets,” Hibbs said. “Want a clear and current example of Marvel’s preposterous ‘flood the zone’ strategy? War of the Realms is supposed to be their major Q2 project in 2019, but in the first month alone they’re asking us to buy into TWO issues of the series being released with no sales data, as well as FOUR different tie-in-mini-series. All six of these comics (which are built around a six-issue storyline) will require final orders from us before we’ve sold a single comic to an actual reader. Is there anyone in this room thinks that this is good? That this is sustainable? That this will sell more comics to more readers? That this will sell any copies to people who aren’t already on board Marvel’s periodicals already?”

So Marvel are charging $4-5 per book, there’s four tie-ins, so that’s a $24-30 gamble for the consumer and the comic retailer has to guess how interest in the main book will transfer to the tie-ins. It’s a crazy way to operate.


Everybody deserves a warning about how terrible that site looks. With the pop up adverts and whatnot. It’s disappointing that it’s basically par for the course with comic book news sites these days.

As for the content of the article: baloney!

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There’s no frickin way they’re shutting down Marvel Comics.

At most, they’d clean house and do a GIGANTIC shake-up (which at this point, yes please), but outright shutting it down? nah ah… bullshit.

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Why not? The myth that comics are a breeding ground of ideas is nonsense. TV shows and other movie franchises don’t need comics to come up with new ideas. And in the last 10 years Marvel haven’t delivered a single great new property. They’re like a wee department in a big company fucking around, costing money, delivering nonsense. In any other industry they’d be shut down by now.


Because at this point both Marvel and DC are american cultural institutions. Easy as that… =P


Both would continue to exist without needing to product new comics.


Well, I mean, sure they could, but the reality is that the publishing divisions still serve some purpose… Like the SW comics and the whole GN & TBP backprint market and whatnot. Even if they stopped creating new comics tomorrow, they’d still need to keep printing those Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns… and I’m sure I’m missing a lot of stuff.

I can see them downsizing, changing their business plan and all that, but it’s not necessarily a good idea to outright shut them down.


Not that I think it would be a good idea to shut them down but both companies have a sizable print division outside of the comic imprints that could carry on with trades. They already use them (instead of Diamond) to distribute to most book stores. Marvel has also already farmed out content to IDW. So it’s not completely unheard of. I think BC is still full of shit.


I don’t see Marvel shutting down. But if it did, kiss the direct market goodbye.

Only those stores with a truly diversified product line will have a chance to survive. If the store’s primary revenue stream is comics, they’re toast. I think even the diversified store will eventually close.

DC Comics alone can’t support the market. It, along with Image, Dark Horse, IDW, and everyone else would fall. Previews would go from phone book to pamphlet in a snap. People tend to forget what Marvel’s bankruptcy did to the direct market. It was a knife to the heart. Let’s be real hear: The economy of the comic book industry and the direct market is precarious at best. If something serious happens to Marvel or DC right now, everything is fucked.


Well…yeah. But maybe the market is already fucked and everyone hasn’t noticed that they drove off the cliff 5 years ago.

Maybe the success of the movies and TV shows is at the expense of the comic books.


I honestly thought we’d see another regime change at Marvel by now. The Cebulski/Quesada team seem quiet compared to previous EICs.

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I really see no difference in the out between the Alonso era and Cebulski’s current regime. New number ones, reboots, and a never ending stream of crossovers. Nothing has changed.

I had hoped Cebulski becoming EiC would have have turned things around. It hasn’t. But when you have a company that dismisses the input of retailers, it’s no surprise they’re hurting.


Yeah but if you want for those things to come out under the Marvel or DC name, you kinda need to keep the company around… I’m assuming for legal reasons and whatnot… =P

I’ve been saying that for many many years… Also, like I’ve said, I think the way forward is books and GNs (maybe something with digital too)… the monthly or “floppy” model is dying and will die off completely eventually… they’re gonna need to change how they do shit at some point, because they’ll be forced to, but like I’ve also said repeatedly, the CB industry is incredibly incapable of changing and adapting. It’s actually pretty astounding how stubborn it is.