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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Is Upon Us!


Marvel Ups Ante With New “Generations” Media Blast Containing Nearly All Creative Teams And Most Covers

Marvel Comics: Not-So-Secret Empire is here!
So I went to Forbidden Planet
  • Are you interested in Generations and Legacy?
  • Are you not interested in Generations and Legacy?
  • Has Marvel lost you with Secret Empire?
  • Has Marvel lost you with non-stop events and tie-ins?
  • Marvel Zombie for life?

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I haven’t been interested in much Marvel has done for a couple of years now, outside of the lower tiered books like Moon Knight that are bound to get cancelled. I hope Generations and Legacy help them turn the corner but I’m not interested in them at all now. Maybe if/when reviews come in as positive I’ll give it a shot.


Yeah, I tend to be fairly sceptical about Event comics. I really want to wait until it is all over before committing. So I will see how Secret Empire/Generations/whatever turns out. If it is any good, I will check it out and if not, at least I didn’t spend money on it. And if Marvel tends to put out the odd outlier like The Vision or Moon Knight, I would be happy to pick that up.

Or if they want to bring back Fantastic Four. That would be good too.


Generations looks to be another ‘alternative universe’ or time travel thing. I mean maybe they are bringing back Phoenix and Mar-Vell but somehow I doubt it.


Generations definitely seems like a batch of one-shots that are time travel based. Legacy is in continuity though.


Yup, and tbh that sounds quite “meh”… wake me up when they fix their line :smile:


In my usual contrarian position, I’ve only bought one Marvel comic in the last 10-odd years, being House of Hem, a reprint of various Fred Hembeck one-shots and Marvel Age strips. But for the most part, Marvel haven’t been publishing much that I’m interested in for a long time now. The Ellis/Shalvey Moon Knight is a maybe get sometime in the future sort of thing, just because of the art I’ve seen and liking the creative team.

But for the most part, Marvel aren’t doing really anything that appeals to me as a reader. The constant events are part of it, but the shift back to a more conventional type of storytelling in general after they got their feet back under them is a major contributor too. The whole decades-long soap opera superheroics thing doesn’t offer enough meat for me any more, and there’s not much beyond that happening at Marvel now, not enough to exicte me to read their books, anyway.


I really thought Secret Wars would have capped Marvel’s old MO and allow them to bring in a new one, but they’ve kept with the old one, even though it was already failing 3-4 years back and is worse now.

I can’t really count them out, as like DC, they have too strong a set of characters and history, but they have got to abandon the hero vs hero bollocks they’re hooked on. I don’t think anybody wants that anymore.


There’s not a single book in that article that I’m interested in reading. I may continue reading the Spencer Cap stuff after Secret Empire, but I’m no where near excited about it.

Too little too late.

They need a creative reshuffle as well as sorting out the line.


I gave up on Marvel after Secret Wars. To me we had years of Hickman build up but at the end he had nothing to say and none of it mattered. There was no payoff.

They’ve done nothing interest with the Giardians universe, instead just trying to make inconsequential stories and the core movie characters. None of it felt like can’t miss comics.

When they did away with the digital codes that was the end of me buying print books. I think they’ve created an awful mess for themselves.


Those are apparently back now. Of course, that means people have a gap in their digital collections - the only way to fill that? Oh yeah…

Yep, no way they’re escaping that mess.


They’ve definitely lost focus.

The books anyone here is raving about are the ones furthest removed from their events hype. Moon Knight, Vision, Ms Marvel etc.

This looks like another elseworlds type idea, retailers hate this shit because they have to take random guesses about how many people want to sign up.


You should pick up Tom King’s Vision series. It’s simply just fantastic comics and not really connected to the Marvel universe.


I’m not sure I get the concept behind Generations. Haven’t a lot of those characters already appeared alongside one another?


Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson fighting alongside each other-didn’t they use to call that “Captain America and the Falcon”?


Lots of negative Marvel talk here. As someone who’s done his fair share of it, I must admit to finding plenty of Marvel worth reading in recent years. The problem for me really is that I was never a faithful Marvel reader, because I’ve always been a DC guy. My idea of Marvel returning to its roots means Spider-Man hanging out with Iceman and Firestar (which actually happened in the pages of Bendis’s Ultimate Spider-Man). What bothers most Marvel diehards, I think, is that this has been years and years, at this point, of diverging from the decades-long continuity that used to be at the heart of Marvel lore, and they’re tired of it. Marvel assumed that the movie fans would replace the old fans, or new fans in general would replace the old fans, but the one thing I’ve learned about fans is that you really, really don’t want to piss them off for an extended period of time. Marvel at its best was all about fan service. That was Busiek’s Avengers. That was a deliberate apology for things like the Clone Saga and Heroes Reborn. Any continued discontent being expressed here is really fear that Marvel isn’t really doing that again, but rather pulling a DC. But Marvel was never DC. That was the whole point of the Marvel Age, that it was going to correct everything that had gone wrong in DC prior to the Silver Age renaissance, building such a strong base of comics and superheroes that nothing could ever shake it again. Except, shaken that base has become.

At this point it isn’t even a reboot that could save Marvel, but an outright return to old continuity, like some idiot villain being revealed to have messed with everyone (also like what DC has been doing), and Marvel explaining how all the awful stories fans really want to forget can be explained away, like the life model decoy and what DC guys like me consider nonsense like that. You know, classic Marvel. Unapologetic Marvel. But not like it is today: being unapologetically Marvel, where no story is too absurd to be conveniently retconned by the next creative team. It’s that tradition of the retcon that went missing, that all those fans have been dying to see, but the point of no return was crossed so long ago…DC has its periodic reboots, across the entire line. Marvel is supposed to do that as a matter of course, dammit! Every month!

But the bigger problem is that Marvel has continually progressed the lives of its characters (in extreme slow motion), so changes in the status quo were always inevitable. The X-Men comics proved that in spades in the '80s. What Marvel really did was apply '80s X-Men logic across the board. Turns out too much of a good thing really is bad for you. Fans weren’t quite ready for all the icons to retire.


No…Steve Rogers was never called The Falcon. :wink:


I don’t go to any other comics sites or forums so is that the case elsewhere? I can’t imagine we’re an island of good taste (in that respect, at least).


I think the ones Gareth mentioned are pretty well reviewed and have also won (or been nominated for) awards.


The AV Club has raved about all three in their comics reviews.