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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


My assumption, with a fair degree of evidence, is the films don’t filter down to Weekly Warriors (but do to trade sales in bookshops and online). If so the question is does anyone here have any great desire for MCU continuity comics? It’s not a selling point for me at all, they’d basically just have to (like Star Wars) skirt around anything important happening so they don’t mess up the next film.


There are.


See, they can’t even put the right character on the cover.

Unless Iron Man’s an asian woman in her 50s now?


It’s political correctness gone mad.


But still somehow a thousand times more interesting an idea than Riri.


Only in comics could somebody supposedly in her 50s look like that.


She is pretty phenomenal.


It’s a bona fide Marvel tradition, and Agents of SHIELD has already set the precedent anyway. Plus the fact that Incredible Hulk has basically been treated the same way.


Seriously, Ming-Na Wen, the actress who plays agent May is 54, and does many of her own stunts.


(I might have known that :wink: )


Yeah, I hopped back in time and gave them the idea. You’re welcome. :wink:


And the mother of two!




why is he called “Anti-Venom” and not something like Antidote or Cure anyways? :thinking:


Leukocyte the Mighty! Jesus, they’re milking that teat till it bleeds. Honestly Venom is the epitome of 90’s era excess and superficiality.



No, that was Carnage.


Yeah, there’s a pretty decent character concept there underneath Venom’s ‘90s trappings (and he first appeared in the late’ 80s, so there!).

Carnage is much weaker as a character.


The Flash Thompson secret agent Venom was pretty awesome. Of course, they screwed that up by taking him off into space.