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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Like Tazerface? :stuck_out_tongue:


Right. If they did choose to do comics set in the cinematic universe, it would have to be limited - not ongoing and only dealing with what has been established.

And then you have the weird situation of Spider-Man and the X-men movie universes. Would Marvel be able to use those or have to license them back? Plus, you don’t know how the agreements with the actors work as far as using their likenesses, so setting it in a separate universe but the characters don’t look like their movie counterparts is already weird when it is hard enough to tell which books are where in which universe anyway.


There were comics set in the X-Movie Universe back in the day, so I assume they still have the rights.

They did comics based on the Amazing Spider-Man movies too:


Damn, I do like Tom Holland, but those two look sooooo perfect it’s not even funny =(


Not me. I am well aware of how he annoyed people (and I’ve read that book which is great).

As a consumer though you look at the end result. Also a lot of creators dialled back the criticism over time. I have read interviews with the likes of Claremont and Byrne where they say they had plenty of run-ins with him but with the passage of time saw he ran a good ship and made them lots of money with his royalties programme. John Byrne claimed under oath that he’d earned over $10m from Marvel, something that would have been impossible at any time for a comics creator before the Shooter era changes.


There are quite a few of them. Sat in the kids section of bookshops. My son reads them.

Millar has told us plenty of times here that he gets sales spikes on his stuff when a movie is made but it’s all in trade sales in bookshops (and their charts show online at Amazon).

I think there has always been an issue with converting other media success to comic shops because they system is somewhat niche. Which do you pick up? where do you buy them (due to costs comic shops are often in obscure locations or your town may not have one at all)? when will the next one come out? (even long term comics fans get confused with that).

I don’t really think the success in issues of Star Wars is coming from far outside the existing fanbase. 90% would probably be a low estimate of how many superhero fans also love Star Wars. They put A list talent like Aaron and Immonen on the books so they sold a load.


This was always my impression too - that its audience was mainly comics fans who are also Star Wars fans (and I imagine there’s a lot of crossover in that Venn diagram) rather than movie audiences checking out a comic for the first time.


The other problem is that they’re inevitably going to get contradicted or trampled over by the movies. I mean, the movie writers weren’t even aware of what Agents of SHIELD was doing, I can’t imagine they’d keep up a bunch of MCU comics. So you’d just end up with a load of filler stories that can’t ever actually move anything on or have anything significant happen.


I thought that was the synopsis for Agents of SHIELD?



You know, I’m going to put on my Dork-Hat.

Taserface and the rest of The Stark were one of the most awesome things about the 90’s Guardians of the Galaxy’s run. Tony’s Legacy in that timeline was his technology becoming the tool of a techno-theological Empire named for him.


That is a pretty sweet idea.


The Watcher notes in Guardians of the Galaxy #2 that if Stark knew the damage the rocket full of technology would do to the Stark, he would have simply destroyed the arsenal. In response to the obvious question, “why didn’t he do that anyway,” later writers would suggest that Stark was under the influence of alcohol.

Oh Tony



I would respectfully suggest that if a writer can’t tell a good, worthwhile story set during the movies that doesn’t contradict anything and uses any character available, they’re either not trying or not much of a writer.



Also, so what if they do write something that the next movie contradicts? Comics have been contradicting each other for 80 years and somehow readers cope.


Working in the margins of a larger work and hoping they don’t scupper your plans and use the same ideas as you is fine (Star Wars comics, all Doctor Who spin-off media, Transformers UK even), but when it’s a massive comics company that has its own decades long comics universe doing it to tie in with movies that are based on their own comics, it seems a bit pointless. If you don’t offer the option, you can just try and get people into reading the “proper” comics.


Maybe they just need to do “proper” comics but have photo covers with the movie actors on them.


Now you mention it, it’s surprising there aren’t regular photo cover variants.