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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Did Alonso think it was a lifetime appointment? Really, Marvel or DC EIC is a job that someone should hold for 5 to 7 years max, unless it’s a real boom time, and it’s been 6 years for Axel. I don’t think there is anything weird or out of the ordinary here.


When I looked up Axel’s hire date, I saw this. Looks like some alt-right/GamerGate assholes have been editing his wiki page:

28 PM

(It’s barely worth talking about, but in the days after his firing, the GamerGate/Alt-Right bro community claimed it as a big victory for white power)


I called it back in September, and I think most people had been predicting the Bendis jump to DC. There’s a real sense of despair at Marvel. A new EIC should have been a big shot of energy to turn things around, something to get folks excited, but I think that’s already been lost by this story. They need to get a major PR initiative going, sign some major talent and fix what ails them. But I don’t see that happening in 2018.

The good news is DC were in the pit a few years ago and have found a way to reinvent themselves. Marvel needs the same.



Little bit torn on this one.
If Bobby, Sam or Dani were in I would be all over it but none of these characters are compelling enough to take the lead for me.
“Boom Boom” looks to have regressed into a Jubilee knock off again rather than her meltdown persona or her attitude in Next wave or in the Yost/Kyle X-Force where she was portrayed as more of a a modern young woman (mid 20’s)

Yeah this is just a cover and we have no info but I’m not convinced .
The only X-Team that appeals to me at the moment is Astonishing but it looks like the big name artist rotation has ended so I dont have high hopes for that.

For the first time in 20 years I purchased more DC books than Marvel last week. I feel dirty :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How can she be a knockoff of a character she preceded?


Ha Sorry you are indeed correct Sir!
I think Jubilless exposure over the years has made her seem like the prototype in my memory.
But I stand by the fact that I hope we see her mature. She should be late 20’s early 30’s by now.


We’ve talked about trying to work how much time has passed in superheroes over in yon Cable #150 thread… :wink:


Jubilees a teacher now. YOU KNOW IM RIGHT!!!


You know, it’s quite amazing that, at a time when neo-Nazis are marching in the streets and laying claim to being a legitimate political movement, that Marvel have done so little with X-Men.



Jim Shooter?


Gar beat you to it. :slight_smile:


Yes, I tried to like his post but I can’t for another 47.708760060615273972602739726027 years.


Still, a lot of people forget that he was also very disliked at the time.

Essentially, he was considered tyrannical by the talent, and the period he oversaw for good or ill was focused on profits, not creativity. Looking back, his accomplishments outweigh any detriments. However, it is easy to overlook Tom DeFalco too, but he started out great and then ended up with the company oversold and near bankruptcy.


There might be some obvious answer to the question I’m about to ask: Why are there no comic books based on Marvel’s Cinematic Universe?

I get the impression that the best selling Marvel Comics right now are the Star Wars Comics. Those are completely compatible with the movies: the characters look the same, they act the same way and experience adventures similar to the ones in the movies. At the same time, back in the regular Marvel Universe, Thor is a different person, Iron Man is a different person, and Captain America is a different person. (They might not be any more – I don’t really keep up). Would it be a bad idea to have a line of comics based on the Marvel movies. The person who liked Thor Ragnarök could walk into the comic book store and get a Thor comic where Thor looks just like Chris Hemsworth.

Yes, there would be two seperate Thors then in different universes, but it worked for Ultimate Spider-Man and X-men.


Marvel does put out some tie-in books but they are prequels or adaptations of the movies. The books almost seem like an afterthought.

Honestly, the people that see the movies in all likelihood won’t buy the comics.


Because you’d have to set them within the current timeline of the movies, and a book could easily end up contradicting what they want to do with their media content in the future. For example you could have an issue of the Guardians landing on Ego the living planet only for him to be radically re-imagined as Jack Burton.

Star Wars don’t really have to worry about that as most of the comics are set in the past before this current run of movies. And those scripts are all reviewed and approved by Disney.


You haven’t been tracking the Star Wars books sales over the last few years, have you? They’ve basically saved Marvel.


Favreau actually started an Iron Man series with Adi Granov years ago that was originally meant to be in continuity with the MCU. I don’t think it was ever completed though.

I think all they do now is the lead-in/adaptation stuff that Todd mentioned.


That is a good point, but they could let the comics take place between Thor I and Thor II, for example. (And only use crappy villains who will never appear in a movie. :wink: )