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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


CB has already mentioned and apologized for it.


Well he’s giving the mob more credit than they deserve

Trial by idiot with keyboard


Well, sure, I’m not going to care that much because for all of my really active comic fandom, all the characters I read were mostly white guys until the X-men came along and even then, they were all still written and drawn by white guys. I think Jim Lee’s X-men may actually have been the first time I read an American comic by someone who wasn’t a white guy and, of course, as far as I knew he was Stan Lee’s grandson. And, like Cebulski, I was really into Manga, too.

However, Marvel is really working hard to appeal to readers who do care about it and want to see a diverse and respectful representation of all different types of people in the pages and behind the scenes of comics today. Honestly, it seems like that was one of the deciding factors bringing in Cebulski as he’s spent all this time actively promoting Marvel in China and, I assume, all around Asia.

So, it would be weird if they don’t get in front of the news and start strongly making that point.


For the last few years, Marvel seems to have had a severe disconnect with, well, reality. Hydra Cap is a prime example of this.

As rigorous as Disney is at controlling their brand, I’m surprised they signed off on this.


He’s the one who confirmed the story was true and apologized as part of that, before there was any kind of mob reaction.


So why was there so much doubt as to whether or not the rumour was true?

And apologies for jumping the gun on this when not in full possession of the facts


Maybe but so does a public confession.

To borrow a Gowron line: “That is of no consequence!” Can’t let it get in the way of the outrage.

More seriously, if the numbers got crunched, it’s more than probable, due to the talent scout role, Cebulski likely hired far more Asian freelancers than his dubious activities of 13 years ago screwed over. Is that not sufficient mitigation?


Yeah, this should be the story for the most part, but I haven’t seen an article about it, yet.

It seems like Marvel could easily spin this around with just a few interviews and maybe get readers even more strongly on their side coming out of it.

Honestly, though, the most positive Asian related news I’ve seen today has been about the Batman Ninja anime which, you know, would sound like the worst sort of pandering, but looks really good with actual Japanese anime masters behind it.


Recently a former Marvel employee did a podcast in which he suggested it was CB. It got people talking about it and CB released a statement confirming it was in fact him and apologizing for doing it. The confirmation is what made the story go wide and resulted in people getting upset.


I think, if Cebulski had done what he did 13 years ago now, he’d be toast, there’d be no way to defend that.


For sure, but since he did admit it and he has a much larger record of inclusiveness, I’m actually a bit more concerned that Marvel will leave it hanging out there rather than directly address it and basically protect their guy and stand by their decision for him. It’ll take some time, but it kinda feels like they might leave him hanging.


While I disagree with you here I will say I hope those outraged will support Karen Bergers new line enthusiastically.

I have a feeling they won’t.


I feel like the worst outcome would be that it only emboldens the idea that people of race should be the only consideration to write comics with racial characters. Which is something I’ve never believed in within Cape comics.


Though it’s not comprehensive, I do think many white writers have shown that they can write diverse casts of characters pretty well. At the same time, I also have to acknowledge that we’ve gotten a lot of just cringeworthy comics and movies about Japan, Ninja and Samurai that could have benefited from considerably more understanding than watching a few Akira Kurosawa movies and reading some Manga.


Yeah, exactly. I just don’t want there to be a point where people will rally against a non-minority writer trying to write a minority character in a book.

I mean, maybe America could have been a good book if they hadn’t chosen Gabby Rivera for some “indefinable” reason, let’s say. Maybe that person could have been white. I just want the option to stay alive.


Let’s face it, we know the answer to the question of how to write about things you don’t know - you do Rucka-style Research.


Well, it’s better than being spanish and writing spanish worse than El Hombre Lagarto from The Goon.


Well, since when does someone speaking a language automatically also mean they’re really good at using it?


By her own admission she doesn’t know how to speak it.
Which would be actually something she could use to her advantage given that America is an alien from another dimension and not even a latina at all…but nope…the book is littered with bad spanish.

It’s aggravating. But, yeah, people should always put the work in. CB, deception aside, really didn’t given the examples people have been posting and that’s not specific to just being white or this or that.


She’s not?