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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Here’s what I read in your post. :wink:

The experience I’ve had with creators like Shooter is that they don’t actually read modern comics, don’t really care about modern comics and come at them with a certain supposition. Case in point, a lot of the issues he’s addressing are 10 year old issues that have largely been solved. It’s all glory days/nostalgia discussion for them.



I’m not sure if it is deeply offensive, but it is kinda strange. I wonder what the Asian American creators from Marvel’s present and past (Greg Pak, Frank Cho, Jim Lee, Jae Lee, etc.) think about it.


A lot of reactions from various people here:


I don’t really care if he did this or not. Doesn’t matter to me. His intention wasn’t to deprive anyone of a job nor done out of spite or meanness. It doesn’t appear to be a recurring thing either.

I just can’t work up the outrage.

And if he’s able to make Marvel a place of creativity and awesome comics, no one will care.


Ya. It’s crazy how quickly the crowd turns on this stuff. The same people who saw him as being the next big hope for Marvel are now coming with the pitchforks and torches. All this because of a tweet from an Image staffer.


Success tends to generate a lot of forgiveness.


It was surely an obvious consequence of his actions given he used his fake persona to pitch for work against freelancers.


So do you think he should be removed from the position now for that? It appears that editors at Marvel have always been able to pitch work except during that narrow window where it “wasn’t” allowed.


People on the internet have no ground to stand on when it comes to the use of pseudonyms.

I know. I heard it from


Was he published because of his pitch or because of his pseudonym? And did his use of a pseudonym actually stop freelancers from making a pitch?


A lot of it depends on how much crap the press heaps on Marvel for not addressing it. They already have enough bad press on their diversity initiative that I think they need to be a little more proactive. Truthfully, they are pushing more diverse characters and points of view in their comics. I think they are doing better with the creators they hire as well, but as far as the editorial and executive staff, has there been much improvement?


If there is anyone that has pushed that, it’s C.B. Cebulski though. He’s the one that started pushing their talent searches international.


Hopefully, Marvel’s PR people will be pushing that angle soon. Currently, have they responded to the criticism or will they just hope it blows over?

Marvel did eventually find out the truth about Yoshida and reportedly dealt with the problem years ago. The company confirmed to Variety that they are aware of the situation and that Cebulski did publish under the Yoshida name, but do not currently have an official statement.

I think they might want to make a statement.


His position in editorial gave him an edge on pitching (given he worked every day with the people he was pitching to and some of them allegedly knew who “Yoshida” was) and Marvel publicly boasted about his ethnicity in regards to his work, so yeah, I’d say it gave him an advantage on projects.

@RonnieM, I don’t think he should lose the EiC position because of this, but his apology was pretty limp, it shouldn’t be swept under the rug (and the related claim that he used personal info from creators to inform contract negotiations really needs exploring) and, frankly, the jokes about it are going to undermine his tenure.


We’re at a cultural watershed time in our modern society. What felt like a more fair and just society reflected badly last year when rich white men seemed to yet again triumph against women and minorities on both sides of the Atlantic. And as a result you’ve got a very angry and irrational population who has felt pretty betrayed and hurt all year long with every single new headline. It feels like the unfairness of the world continues without consequence. It’s a pretty troubling time really, without a pressure relief valve in sight.

Into all of this stumbles Marvel and CB. It’s the epitome of this issue. A connected white guy pretends to be a minority to satisfy people looking for more diversity and when the truth comes out it’s considered nothing of consequence. It’s shrugged aside. if you’re a minority of any capacity, and you feel like the deck is stacked against you in almost every facet of your life, this is another kick in the groin to let you know that the rules feel different for white males.

So I think this is a big problem for Marvel, and it’s a big issue in general. Most people like CB and that softens the demanded responses, but can you imagine if a more divisive creator pretended to be a minority? Pitchforks time.

Like the sexual misconduct waves that are hitting us right now, this required a big contrite effort from Marvel, and I really don’t think they’re aware of the pulse of society right now (I think most corporations aren’t). This will be the first black eye for the CB era, it’ll never be forgotten as a punchline, and it’ll only strengthen the position so many have taken now that Marvel is a product to be abandoned. And if this their handling is an indication of what’s to come then CB isn’t going to resolve Marvel’s problems at all. He’s just a different deckchair.


Aye. Like I wouldn’t care if a white guy wrote, say, latino characters. It’s been done many times and very well. But if they pretended to be latino and was apparently Gabby Rivera-style awful at it to boot (and there’s been examples posted everywhere since the news broke) - that’s just weird and unnerving.


I think Marvel can respond appropriately without firing the guy, but if they don’t actively respond, it will be all anyone talks about. Cebulski might resign just to get out of the crosshairs.

How did they not see this in advance?


I doubt any of them give a fuck

The level of outrage on this is ridiculous

Honest who fucking cares?

From the ‘nicest man in comics’ to this in the space of about 2 weeks

The way the world is headed I’m glad I was born in an era where I’ve had about 25 years not having to listen to this pish

Some people really need to get a fucking life


My advice to marvel and CB would be don’t even react to this

Don’t apologise, don’t mention it, don’t even acknowledge it