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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


I think that’s fair. HoM definitely restarted the trend but I do still think that Civil War was the one that codified the form that’s now dominated Marvel for over a decade now and has been driven into the ground.


Aw, it’s changed again now.



Picture it. Millarworld. 2005…



If you have more than one Wolverine, you have too many.


You’re right, I didn’t realize it had been framed as a diversity/accessibility thing. Very different from just trying out a pen name.


I’m not 100% sure how much it is. A lot of the description in articles says he was working on manga inspired lines but looking at the bibliography for our friend Akira it just looks like normal Marvel Universe books (Thor, Marvel Adventures FF, Age of Apocalypse spin-offs etc). Not like Big Hero 6 or the MC2 books.

Saying that if there was a diversity angle it seems the dodgiest issue. There’s a real question here of how complicit most of the editors were, I’m not really buying that they mistook a translator for one of their writers in a conversation, he’d very soon have said “that’s not my name and I’m not writing any of your comics”. Reading between the lines I think they really knew and were just hiding it from higher ups which may be why it seems all forgiven and resolved.


Issues of fraud and diversity lies aside (temporarily) it seems sort of fitting for a comics editor-in-Chief to have a secret alter ego.


Marvel should lean into the old joke that Wolverine’s mutant power is to be in multiple places at once, to explain how he could appear in at least 5 comics per month


If a typical comic takes 20 minutes to read, then he could appear in 2191.5 comics per month, assuming they are in real time. Granted, 700-odd would be watching hime sleep, 100 or so eating, and at least half-a-dozen taking a dump, but I bet there’s a market for that.


He did a brace of mini series with Japanese focus - one about Elektra in Japan, one with Wolverine and a Kitty Pryde one in Japan. That was part of the (fairly misguided) attempt to woo manga readers with the supposed authenticity of their “Japanese” writer. A few people on Twitter have screencapped some reall bad parts of them though, like getting the number of islands in Japan wrong.


The greatest offense of “Akira Yoshida” has to be this miniseries:



You should be banned for bringing that series up.


Stealing this name for a future character :smiley:


Dammit :angry:


Shooter has an abrupt style that can come across as a mixture of sour grapes and arrogance, but even if that’s the case then I think he’s earned the right to be like that :wink:

Basically, the guy knows what he’s talking about, any anyone who’s serious about comics needs to give serious attention to his thoughts. That’s not to say follow his ideas blindly – I think a lot of what he says about the way things “should” be done won’t work any more. His ideas are rooted in a creative climate and readership that no longer exists. I think it would be impossible for him to walk into Marvel and “fix” it today, for example.

But regardless of how out of touch he might be now, I think people need to listen to him, learn how and why things were done in a certain way, and think about why they can/can’t still be done in that way. Otherwise, doomed to repeat history and all that…


I was going to say more than zero…


I feel the same way about LoSH membership. :wink: