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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Seems to me the only guys who constantly home runs at Marvel is Jason Aaron, but in no way should he be the main guy. Marvel shouldn’t have a main guy. It’s an impossible task. It’s destroyed the best and brightest they have. I can’t imagine CB wants to go that way. Instead I expect him to bring in a bunch of new talent from all over the place and he’ll basically let them write the books they want using the Marvel toys.

I’ve thought for a long time the Bendis driven single ongoing narrative was the biggest problem with Marvel. The one that ties one event to another, one that essentially hamstrings Iron Man, Hulk, Cap and a few other cornerstone characters. They should just give it up - it’s not like the cinematic universe. All their best books are essentially those removed from the ongoing narrative, and that model doesn’t help sell comic books like it used to.


I’m not sure how much of that was Bendis as it was editorial. The start of it really seems to have been Civil War after all. There does seem to be hints that Marvel does plan to head in the direction you’re suggesting though. They keep saying that whatever event Legacy is leading to will act as their Rebirth and after that the focus will be on individual books and little to no events. Whether or not they follow through remains to be seen.

It worth pointing out too that it’s not just writers. Marvel doesn’t really have any superstar artists at the moment either, or at least none on regular books. It definitely seems like their entire talent pool needs replenishing, which I assume is probably part of the reason they decided to go with CB.


House of M was really the start of it in that sense I think, along with Bendis’ New Avengers.


I think Bendis and editorial were the same thing. When they started with the architects concept and their creative summits it was clear that a handful of creatives were setting the strategy for the line for the next year or two, and Bendis typically was the point person (and then Hickman after him). Those creative summits might have backfired in hindsight as the Marvel universe can’t work like a TV production or a big soap opera - there’s just too many pieces. Even if they divide down their universe to 7-8 sub categories it’s still too unweildly.

I do think the ongoing narrative structure worked for a while - certainly through Secret Invasion, but with characters like the Sentry overwhelming the line (only for there to be no real payoff) it was clear they needed to step back - but with the heroic age I don’t think they did that. Went from one messy event to the next, which impacted all the books as a result.


Maybe I’m misremembering but I don’t believe that House of M really affected the Marvel universe, outside of the X-men, much and certainly didn’t lead directly into a themed period and the following crossover event in the same way that Civil War did with the Initiative and Secret Invasion. Civil War really established the mold that Marvel’s events followed pretty closely from that point on.

Unless I’m misremembering. In which case… never mind?

EDIT: It’s also worth pointing out that ‘No More Mutants’ came directly from Joe Q and was one of his genies, which re-enforces that this was driven more by editorial than Bendis himself.

That’s not quite what I meant. I mean that editorial was the one dictating that there needed to be a crossover event every 6 months and that each event should be followed by a themed period that lead into the next, which is really what broke Marvel. I’m sure Bendis played a huge part in coming up with what those themes and events were but I don’t think he was controlling the publishing schedule or requirements. I could of course be wrong though.


I meant House of M and Avengers Disassembled/New Avengers more from the point of view of Marvel moving back towards big crossover stories and close interconnected continuity, as opposed to the solo books operating largely separately in their own silos. I think HoM was the first event like that in many years.

(Although I’m not arguing that Bendis was driving it particularly, just that it was when the current model was really ushered in.)


“Main guy” for a company can be tough, but having a few main gals (or guys) for the franchises tends to give a sense of direction that the audience really digs. In a perfect world those rotate to the forefront at intervals, sometimes expanding to the whole universe (Scott Snyder-Capullo-Batman-cum-DCU Metal).

The only time I’ve been engaged on a franchise level was when Grant Morrison was ‘leading’ the Batman franchise. Made the whole thing more interesting.


Confirmed by CB himself.


If C.B. IS his real name.

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Is he going to admit that he’s also Gabby Rivera?
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He’s also an amazingly talented pitchfest judge :wink:


re: Shooter

It was an interesting read. I like his take on how to recruit people, I disagree on the decompressed criticism. It has happened, yes, but there are also other example that disprove the idea that decompression equals a vacuous story.

I didn’t get a sour vibe off it either. Unlike your standard internet rager, Shooter at least illustrates his ideas with examples you can agree or disagree with.

I do think comic sales are diluted by other options, same as cinema. Just as a comic will sell more when you can only read the story as a monthly issue, as Star Wars sold out because the cinema was the only place you could see. Just as we have streaming and BR/DVD, so too are there trades and digital, which impacts sales.

re: Cebulski / Yoshida

Had this happened now, I think his new role would be toast. As it was 13 years ago, that he 'fessed up eventually and was forgiven, it would be quite vengeful to flay him over this.

re: Marvel Events

Let’s be honest here: When an event works, it’s brilliant. When there’s a clear reason for, combined with a good creative team that execute it well, they work brilliantly. The problem is once they started using, Marvel just coulkdn’t stop. It was Secret Invasion setting up Dark Reign that was the first time that people started getting hacked off with Marvel’s event model. Secret Invasion had been set up as this big finale, then it turned into a stepping stone to the next, real finale of Siege. (Johns did a similar mistake on making Blackest Night a piece of, rather than the finale of his GL saga.) If Avengers 4 ends with a ‘to be continued in Avengers 5’ people will flip. You can’t market a big conclusion story and then later decide it’s not going to be that.


Just read Nick Fury 1-6 by Robinson and Aco. Thoughts. It’s my favourite Marvel comic in the last 5 years (maybe the two Weirdworld series’ comes second). Outside of Starman and Firearm I’m no Robinson fan but here, a real stripped back approach works wonders for him. However, the true star of the show is clearly Aco. This guy is real talent. Truly incredible splash pages on display. What else has he done that I should seek out?




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