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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


This is the way (almost to a man) that every former creator without current work answers this question. They all seem to be soured on the industry that they used to be so involved in because it’s not like it was when they were doing it. To me, it just comes off as sour grapes for currently being out of the spotlight.

It also sounds like he’s complaining about things that are 10 years (or more) past now. Though I do agree with his stance on comic talent.


I don’t know, adopting a Japanese pen name to write comics intended to have an authentic Japanese style to draw in a manga audience is a bit…disingenuous? Overly calculating? I mean, he could have called himself Buck Stirrup or Gunther Schmidt or anything else. But then I suppose it is in keeping with the concept of Marvel doing manga styled comics to have an American guy pretending to be Japanese writing them.

And the point is, it wouldn’t have been known to the higher-ups at Marvel, it was in direct defiance to company policy, potentially involved multiple employees and isn’t really “harmless fun” to the freelancers losing work to the guy who isn’t supposed to be able to get it.


I really can’t get worked up about it I’m afraid, for most of the time Marvel has been running editorial could pitch anyway. I’m sure the policy at that time was a reaction to some god-awful 90s comics written by assistant editors.


Seems sort of par for the course for Marvel/DC to me? They’re large corporations. It’s foregone that they’re looking for the appearance of authenticity rather than authenticity.

I suspect most people in the immediate editorial structure new about it, and higher ups wouldn’t care about it much. In the grand scheme of things it just seems like a very minor issue. And quite a long time ago.

That freelancers lost out on work of course sucks, but former editors get hired for books all the time, and any of the same sticky issues still exist. It happens, and it’s part of being in…well, almost every kind of environment.


That’s my pen name for writing US comics!


It’s like when John Wagner and Alan Grant used a series of pen names to disguise exactly how much of 2000AD they were writing in the late 70s-early 80s.


I don’t think it’s the biggest deal in the world and I don’t think it should affect his appointment as EiC. But I do think it’s a bit shady, given the scale of it, and especially depending how “Yoshida” was paid relative to who knew what about the situation. If the stuff about feeding info to Perlmutter is true (and that’s much less sourced), that could be quite serious in terms of talent relation, which isn’t what Marvel really needs at the moment.


It was not just that but they were writing 80% of the strips in Eagle too at the same time.


They also contributed to Roy of the Rovers, Scream and Battle around that time, but only a strip or two each.


Well sure, any more than that would be silly.

Also worth pointing out that Wagner and Grant were actually, you know, good.


I thought it was Charlotte Zinnia?


That’s my pen name for writing tawdry romance novels.


Are you sure that one isn’t Butch Icehammer?

I thought Charlotte Zinnia was the one you used for your post-apocalyptic military air combat novels?


Yeah, it did have that grumpy old man feel to it. While nothing is impossible, I don’t see him working at the Big Two anytime soon. I’m surprised he hasn’t done more creator-owned work.


That’s my Chuck Tingle fanfic one

Yes, but they’re really about the tawdry romances between the pilots.


Hang on, are you saying you wrote Macross?


Who hasn’t?


The romances in Macross are pure and beautiful!


Agreed. He was one of the most exciting writers to break thru at 2000ad since the 90s and he’s not made the next step yet, which I’m really surprised about because he has a lot in his locker as well as being an extremely intelligent and funny guy.


I think he just might not be the right fit for Marvel honestly. None of his books have really set the sales charts on fire. He’s been hobbled by them constantly changing the name of his main series but he’s been writing that same group for several years now and it just hasn’t really clicked with the readers.