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Marvel Comics: The CB Cebulski Generation Begins!


Some memory Dave.


It was a memorable scene. :slight_smile:

(I need to reread Ultimates again some time.)


It’s every hero versus every other hero, with a main series and shitload of satellites designed to leach all the money out of your hands.


No. No. No.

Muther fucking Conan vs Darth Vader, By Crom.

C’mon. This writes itself!

(I want a special thanks when this happens, you hear me C. B.?)


Marvel is reviving the MAX line, Conan does everyone’s mum in the first issue.


He didn’t think it too many!


What a page!!! :heart_eyes:


Jim, start typing. I need that story.


These came out in the UK today


Peggy Carter??


Those are really beautiful. I like that the panels are not all stamps, some are just there to fill in the blanks.






It took me a depressingly long time to figure out what I was looking at on that cover.


I was exactly the same. It wasn’t clear what was going on around his shoulder or what the left hand was.


Somebody somewhere look at that art when submitted, signed, muttered fuck it, and clicked approve.

Pretty much sums up the state of Marvel comics. They desperately need new leadership.


Tradd Moore’s art in the Luther Strode miniseries from a few years back were fantastic. They were full of energy and movement. He also was the artist on the relaunch of Ghost Rider not that long ago.

That cover is definitely not his strongest work.


ehhh… I got it like 2 seconds after I saw it… I think you all just getting old and farty… :smile:

I mean, it’s not like a super great cover, but far from being bad. Anyways… reading the interview, I guess it’s got nothing to do with the “color” books Loeb was doing… u_u


I think it’s also the coloring. Not enough differentiation to clarify the image.

I’ve been paying attention to what Mike Garland has been doing with Nick Pitarra’s work. Very excellent, but they did have to rope in another two colorists to get Leviathan out on time. This looks not so surfer-y. Now, my adolescence was mostly surfers and stoners, so I grok the tube. That’s just not … too surfer-y.


Yep this pretty much sums it up

The kids have been let loose at marvel and the results aren’t good and editorial seems to be doi little to help it

There was a day when working at marvel would be seen as a badge of honour. Now they are just churning out any old crap.


By the way, I’m still not getting what is happening in the cover - can someone explain ?